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  • pdidgood Mar 31, 2010 1:53 PM Flag

    Who to believe???

    I can't fault anyone for not believing anything that's posted here.

    I actually believe two that I'm pretty sure of. I know JJ posts the facts as he finds them. I've seen his posts for years and he doesn't play the games. If you show him facts he acknowledges them. I also believe hissik. He's fought his battle while under attack and stuck to his guns. I don't always agree with him but believe he posts the truth as he sees it.

    We have documents and agreements published by China Tel and tobin smith. they don't lie. i find it very interesting that the only two people who even want to look at the foundatioal documents are the two i named above. The rest want all of that history and fact ignored.

    I suggest those that really want to know, don't trust anyone. Read the documents available and you will see who's been posting the truth.

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