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  • PBOL PBOL Mar 7, 1998 5:26 PM Flag

    Just out of curiosity...

    To take advantage of inter or intra day movements is a little risky, not to mention expensive. Let's say 2 trades a week at
    $20 bucks a turn ($40/week and $160/month) not too bad but what if it starts to take off above your sell price. You don't want
    to miss out do you? No, you buy in for a loss. The same can happen if the price goes down. Pretty much a risky deal. Why not
    take that $160 you save in commissions a month and buy 3 more shares. Anybody not already playing these "flipping" games should
    be careful. Someone of your caliber may be able to do the necessary analysis. If someone wants to make this quick and easy
    money they should read up on it first. Try it on paper, it's cheaper!
    BTW I think the taxes on anything held less than 18 months is taxed at normal income rate (~30%). Does it still look like easy money?
    Someone let me know how the tax thing actually works.

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    • If you have $2000 & spend all of it & get 2%, that is $40 minus 16-$20 Now what about margin? We're looking at 20-40% every two weeks. Let uncle SCAM have his cut, that still leaves you with around 14 to 27 % in two weeks. & I havn't even added in the copounding effect. No complaints here.

      Compound .02

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      • I am glad to hear the flipping is working for your. I am just a pup in this crazy stock trading game (<1 yr). I wish I had time and resources to play the market a little tighter. Even so, I don't think the charts predicted the 5 pt rise yesterday. Maybe if I flunk out of school I'll have more time to play. Oh well, Im late to class now.
        Good luck.
        BTW What do your charts predict/indicate for today, this week, March 23?

    • As far as chart patterns go, many charts fall into certain characteristics ELNK has a recent characteristic of riding its 12 day SMA or EMA (doesn't matter!) & on average will give around 6%
      every day or two. 4% with the bid & offer. If you don't want to lose any profit, float a stop loss. If you buy at the line (12 SMA) & it dips below, hold tight because strong companies almost always bounce back. OR use a tight stop loss from the buy point.
      But, if you're already long, and your trust is already there, why not play the bounces?

      Compound .02

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      • Hi guys! My complete strategy is listed on the SYNT message board. You may have to go back 40 or so messages to get it from the start. This will explain the "geek speak". If you have questions, please feel free to email me at

        All that I ask is that if you use my strategy & it makes you wealthy, then pass it on to others less fortunate & spend the time with them to make sure that they understand it & as part of the deal, have them also pass it on when they reach their goals.
        My long term goal is to start 10 accounts for others out of my pocket (under contract of course) & under set rules that I lay down, have these individuals "go to work" & then pay me back when they reach a certain limit, & then as a requirement of the contract, have them also set up 10 accounts therefore creating a pyramid effect from generation to generation!

        -Compound .02

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