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  • PBOL PBOL Jun 2, 1998 6:17 PM Flag

    Good Sprint news Good ELNK news

    The board has already approved selling the shares
    at 45 I thought. Once that is done, ELNK gets
    165,000? users and Sprint guarantees >100,000 new users
    per year.
    I believe there is a meeting on June
    5th and that shouldn't be delayed or I will be
    worried. I think that Sky Dalton was trying to get to
    stock DOWN a few points so he could pick up some more
    for himself since he was selling his shares at 45 so
    the deal would work (taking one for the team). There
    could be bad news around the corner like issuing more
    shares, but they already said they were issuing more
    shares and that number can hopefully be reduced (like
    MSPG). I think long term this company will be great,
    short term I still think we'll go higher.
    Guess: I
    think we should go to at least 63 by Monday.
    can make us go higher: 1)Specific mention of the
    Sprint technology once the deal is closed.
    2) Short
    covering which has increased from 400K to 600K
    May to June (that's a lot with ~120K shares/day


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    • Weve been in the 60 to 61 1/2 range all day,
      brownie points
      for getting close a few days

      Volume has miserable though, but no serious selling has
      stepped in. Still a bit apprehensive shortterm strictly
      on technicals.
      No solid continuous base to work

      Im curious how you came up with the 63. Just the
      fact that you
      got close, Im


      • 1 Reply to bigsky_001
      • I think I got 63 from guessing what the usual
        moves have been in this stock. I thought most of the
        sellers had gotten out and buyers would move back in a
        get it back up a bit. I am next looking for a peak to
        the $70 range but not unless we get some good news
        from that meeting. After that (1-1 1/2 days later) we
        will see some profit taking (myself included).

        Does anyone know what is going on at the meeting. I
        expected to see some bigger blocks (buying or selling) by
        now. I am anxiously waiting 4:00pm EST to see if I
        should sell or not. That last quote I saw was 60 Bid and
        60 7/8 ask.

    • look like Sprint must benefit more in this deal .
      cuz they are pushing for it . They even extended the
      offer date . It seem like ELNK reluctant to approved it
      otherwise why it take so long . Maybe they afraid the stock
      will go down to $45 .. I am not sure either ... There
      are too many ISP service out there already .
      Competition are fear . Upgrade is constantly needed and money
      spending is like crazy . Missing earning 1 cent will send
      the stock tumble half of it price . Potential upside
      is limited . Stock already gain over 110% since last
      6 months . Potential down turn is a lot . Maybe
      ELNK wait till the correct hit and the stock go below
      $45 .. then approved the deal which might boost the
      stock back up . Just my opinion ..

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