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  • robey743 robey743 Aug 1, 2009 1:37 AM Flag


    A short time ago you requested info from investors living near Wilmington, NC. Unfortunately, it appears we do not have investors that live near the GLE site.

    On behalf of US investors, may I make the same request? Do any Oz investors live near the new Silex Solar Manufact. Plant? If so can they share any news with us concerning current activities at the sight?

    One thing more, if I may. I have noticed numerous comment on the ShareScene Board regarding income from Solar and U enrichment, (admittedly I have not researched posts extensively). Why isn't the potential income for "site clean-up" mentioned more often? Do Oz investors consider the subject so obvious that they don't feel the need to mention it? Do Oz investors believe that "site clean-up" is part of the U enrichment income?

    I have appreciated your input and look forward to future comments and/or news.

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    • This was posted on by Sinner

      Robey743, if you are reading this, please feel free to join in our discussions-we have/had other US-based contributors who help to give us a better perspective of the situation in the USA. We all love to read about SLX, so we'd welcome your thoughtful input.

      The US Bill sees USEC with first bite of the cherry here, but there is no way they can do it economically with only the GD plant at their disposal. Basically, DOE know SLX is the only real prospect they have of cleaning most this material up economically (I'm sure centrifuge would work on some of the richer tails, but not as well ), and the bill leaves that opportunity open.

      As inferred from Swusntruth, DOE would know EXACTLY where SLX process stands. I therefore find the timing of the introduction of this bill to be 'interesting'. It would be good PR all around whilst GE slowly signs up more parties to the long term supply contracts which are part and parcel of U industry.

      I'll add Swusntruth has talked about the contracts USEC currently hold might be of value if GE decided to buy USEC. DOE would play a role in such a transaction, but it would fast-track GE.

      In terms of reprocessing U used in a power plant, I have posted on that in the past, but the search link does not seem to work for me. I see SLX process as having potential, but an issue is removing the radioactive products before reprocessing. The U234 generated (which inhibits the desired nuclear reaction) thwarts re-enrichment by centrifuge. Conversely, laser enrichment could work, but it would be a much bigger challenge to separate 234 from 235 than it is to separate 235 from 238. It would need to be developed/tested in its own right before it could be considered. In contrast, solvent extraction using TBP is a proven method, and is the method used by the French.

      Cheers! Sinner

    • Have a look on sharescene robey sinner has answered your question!

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