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  • jdg8002 jdg8002 Jun 14, 2011 11:28 PM Flag

    Good day. More to come.

    I believe the div is safe at $1, and I still believe history shows a trade-able dividend cycle.

    The problem this time around, imo, is in the broader market. HTS slightly missing $1/share earnings in Q1 has caused some price weakness as well by casting some doubt on the div going forward. If we can get a few calm days, or even up days, in the market combined with a $1 dividend declaration, than I think we'll still see some upside.

    I've planned my trades around a rise to between $29.80 and $30.10. I think that's still possible with a little help, despite the recent fall.


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    • I recast my trade for a price of $30.00. That would be fine. It is only the 15th, so that should be 15 more days. I think there will be some good up days over the next two weeks, albeit today is just depressing. That is usually the best time to add risk. There seem to be no other exogenous events, but you are correct in your thinking. I have been wondering about the possibiity of rate rise given the rising inflation views that are being expressed.

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      • Not yet. It seems the consensus is October of this year for rates. But even then, why would they do this under the circumstances. We will have these kind of days like today until we announce the dividend at 1.00. Earnings have showed that they can pay it, just add on bad days, like I have and when we get what we want, it will be bigger and badder then we originally started with. Isn't that the point, earn more money while enjoying life? Good Luck, and for some reason I think they might announce the 1.00 on a bad day, for the shorties to get caught. If that is the case, then we know more than we actually think. Human psychology, gotta love it

      • in a huge correction mode taking this sector with it. Closed some TWO and CMO today for some nice gains and will not deploy any of these funds until Federal Debt ceiling issue is resolved. $29.50 if you are lucky is what is in the cards here for HTS currently down 16 cents to $28.73 and what if they announce weaker earnings like IVR did? Only a fool like ARSHI could think $30 is in the cards..I thought you had a better head on your shoulders

      • your prediction that this would hit $ on with the agreement......if it hits $30 before ex-div I go away if it stays at $29.99 or lower YOU TAKE A HIKE,,,,What is good for the goose is GOOD FOR THE GANDER, heh!??!?!?

      • mREITs are running fairly strong today so far. I guess the yields are looking better all the time right now.

        I heard the grumbling about inflation. It's a yawn. Unemployment, housing, falling fuel and food prices, manufacturing index falling all equal leaving the rates flat out low no matter what China may do. Their currency is basically in a world of its own with values.

        I'm real curious to see if NLY or AGNC does a spo right after exdiv with the spreads reduced so much. If so, that is going to tell me alot.

        Hang tough.

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