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  • buylocelhgh2 buylocelhgh2 Apr 12, 2003 5:01 PM Flag

    new product?

    I'm somewhat new to investing but interested in fitness. This seems like one of the few fitness companies that an individual can invest in. Before investing, in addition to reading this board, I've been doing a lot of other research on the company. It seems a lot might be riding on the new product called the Treadclimber as others have pointed out. I was trying to find what the competition might be doing and found this searching under "flex". Has anyone seen this or know anything about it? It seems pretty similar and seems like it could be relevant.

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    • <Hackne babbled excitedly about pink sheets>

      The sooner the better, my short-bubble-promoting friends! Cash and short-term investments of about 62 million, plus some for other current assets in excess (greatly in excess) of liabilities. All told, 70 to 100 million dollars even if I CLOSE the business that generated all this money!

      And you guys are ready for the stock to be delisted. Welcome to the real world. The phrase for the week is "Irrational Exuberance".

    • You really have to ask..Who is this company and how long have the been in business. What is there track record?? You can have a great product but with no support your great product will wither on the vine. I can not find a lot of info. on this company so any will be helpfull. Thanks

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      • I can't find much on that other company either, but what I'm wondering is that it seems most of NlS' profits come from their TV product Bowflex. And all these purchased companies have much lower profits, what 1/3 of the Boxflex and that patent is apperantly up next year? So they must be counting on this new product big time. And looking at that other treadmill product makes me wonder about the likelyhood of sucess of this Treadclimber.

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