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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar May 19, 2003 8:40 AM Flag

    sell NLS (to me)

    I want to warn everyone who reads the board about a terrible risk: you might panic and sell your NLS shares well below the traditional 12-times-earnings selling point.

    I can help you avert this catastrophe! Just sell your shares as soon as possible, regardless of price. During the resulting price drop, I will help out by buying lots of shares at depressed prices. This way you will avoid the risk associated with possibly selling your shares for a low price. Instead, you will *ensure* that you sell your shares for a low price.

    Got no shares, yet still hanging around wishing you could sell? No problem! Go short. Help me to help you.

    Finally, when the price reaches more normal levels (say 10 times earnings ... why should I be greedy?), then NLS shares will obviously be a desirable, low-risk investment. At that point I will be happy to sell you the same shares, now "de-risked"! (De-risking is a mystery to me, but apparently is due to some magical force associated with paying more for the same share.) To prove my good faith, I'll sell those same shares back to you for 40% to 50% more than I originally paid you.

    You can't lose! You get rid of some unpopular stock, take a tax loss, and get your shares back *after* the stigma of a low P/E ratio has been "washed off" by a forgiving market!

    You might ask why I'd be willing to do something crazy like buying low, or something self-sacrificing like selling high. But the reason is simple: I just like to help people (TM).

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    • Runner-up for post of the day:
      Subj: Re: Counting Chickens and Mission Creep
      By: fleabag22
      Date: 05/21/03 10:14 am

      looks like your 8% has riddin off into money heaven!!!!!

      keep using your thinking and you will realize less money!!!!!!!!

      flea, you still seem confused about the point that big A was making here. Nobody gains *or* loses any money except through transactions.

      It's not like I'm short on cash for the mortgage. Next week maybe I'll be down. But then I *won't sell*. If I *sold* for less than I *bought* then I would *lose money*. This isn't something complex like chess here ... the move of selling below cost clearly moves me away from my objective.

      But I do assume that I can *decide* what to do with my shares each day. Perhaps you are advocating predestination as a principle of security analysis? The whole "free will" argument ...or my subconscious might be placing sell orders while I think I'm asleep?

    • <i was actually kidding about arrogance being a strength>

      Of course you were. I was kidding too, though of course the proverb is true enough.

    • Astral...shut up and look in a mirror, man. I know I'm arrogant. But you're hardly the person to accuse me of it, eh?

      Takes one to know one, as they say.

    • Hey fleabag...I think you should consult your history there, buddy. The Germans were't fighting on two fronts in 41. Try again.

      North Africa doesn't count. Just do a quick analysis of force sizes there vs the East front, and you'll quickly figure out what was actually important.


      You know better than Lynch, apparently. Lynch was a proponent of making a short summary of your reasons for buying a stock at purchase, and selling if those reasons later turn out to incorrect. Ie, don't turn a growth stock buy into a value stock hold.

      But, what would Lynch know. You know better, having already made countless millions with an unrealized 7% gain.

    • I think you wildly misunderstood what he told you, astral. Machine guns pinning you down have nothing to do with mission creep.

    • astral...just how long have you been in the market? Seriously.

    • yeah, i was actually kidding about arrogance being a strength. you're probably right to nail it down, as this board isn't really given to subtlety.

    • <<The newly-reconstituted insight4ever has been heard from!>>

      Indeed! After selling half my NLS, I'm back from two quick successes: HOV & APPX. Decided I might have some insight after all.

    • <But I thought that Arrogance was a strength!>

      No, "Greed is good", but "Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall".

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