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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Jun 12, 2003 8:17 PM Flag

    Touching variations:"It CAN'T go lower"

    SELL: to me!
    Careful, you warped little egghead.

    Greenberg's "go down with the ship" comment was very carefully ambiguous about whether the analysts "went down" by sticking with fundamentals, or by abandoning them.

    begin{Greenberg}: " What I really want to know is why some of the sell-side analysts who follow Nautilus (NYSE:NLS - News) chose to go down with the ship.
    Two who come to mind, Brent Rystrom of Piper Jaffray and Eric Wold of RTX Securities, had boldly supported the stock even as fundamentals crumbled.
    Yet rather than saying that if you loved Nautilus at $14, you must be head-over-heels for it at $10, the analysts have now downgraded the stock -- to underperform and neutral, respectively. "

    Herb's a bit more careful than you, Mr. Shortn -n- Distortn. In April Herb was already laying groundwork that could be used to claim he predicted a rebound ... meanwhile you're still babbling about submarines and house pets.

    SELL: to me.

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    • justice from fluff! 'Twould be no contest at the ole DoJ if someone like you really poured on the charm.

      Have you mentioned YOUR position in this vapor of a stock?

      • 1 Reply to tropicdeposit
      • Sure. Here's my position: I'm a son of a bitch. I am temporarily benefitting from the self-destructive behavior of the shorts, as it lets me go longer at subsidized prices.

        That's gonna make me pretty good money, but it also makes me almost physically ill. Because by now any experienced shorts are progressively covering their own positions while holding prices down using an intensifying blizzard of half-assed propaganda to trick newbies and overconfident children into going short at ridiculously low prices.

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