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  • bar_c0die bar_c0die Jun 16, 2003 5:50 PM Flag

    Not wishful thinking; well maybe a bit

    I am curious that in all my time on the boards (which is limited to about six weeks) I have not once read that NLS is on someone's radar for takeover?

    As I was looking at the share price, and thinking about the Short comments, I notice that NLS is hammered most often for their management (or lack of) not their products.

    Are there not companies out there for whom NLS would be a steal at this point? Their price (based on PE) is pretty low? (I kinda thought of Bally Fitness or Nike or Reebok or...)

    One note...I am NOT trying to start a rumour. I have NOT heard anything - not a whisper - that this was in the just kinda puzzles me is all.

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    • To put it very mildly, the boards are not a place to be doing research.

    • bar, There was a rumor going around about NIKE.
      3-6 months ago. But don't know if it was real.


    • to have the market. This is emphasized by the recent legal loss to NLS, where they tried to stop selling of a machine similar to bowflex.

      The idea that NLS has a valuable franchise, at this point, is laughable, because it fails that test by any reasonable standard. Customer loyalty? Repeat purchases? Both of those are dead negatives, AND THERE IS VERY STRONG REASON TO BELIEVE THEIR REVENUES ARE NOT ONLY CONTRACTING, BUT WILL CONTRACT MORE RAPIDLY AS LOW-PRICED COMPETITION FIRST DESTROYS THEIR MARGINS, THEN DRIVES THEM NEGATIVE.

      NLS is a company based on "cross-over glamour --- they managed to transfer some of the original admiration-based buying of the Nautilus cam machines to bowflex. This era is now at an end. And there is very little reason for any company to consider buying NLS.

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