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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Jun 26, 2003 12:17 PM Flag

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    To: hackne, bee, flea, big A.
    From: Astral Tsar
    Re: Mind-Shattering Stupidity

    Guys. Do you know why the stocks never do what you expect them to? Do you know why even your best war stories end in big losses? Why you have to tell them different every time?

    Here's why. You are all:
    * blindly arrogant
    * clueless
    * unintelligent

    That's the secret.

    Bee: you can't even keep straight whether a poop-and-scoop is bad for shareholders. (Hint: journalists dissing the stock need not actually go short, or even WANT to. They're just TALKING, keeping the community happy, so they can get another fucking job after their startup tanks.)

    Big A: you think you gain some sort of market edge by misunderstanding even the simplest points. You seem to truly believe that what you don't know cannot hurt you. (Hint: it can.)

    Flea: I hope you are hammered or stoned when you post. That's all I can say.

    hackne: You still don't understand what stock IS. You don't really understand short sales very clearly. And you know that sellers can run the price down ... but you think that BENEFITS the sellers as a group.

    HEY GUYS! tropic, technically_speaking, insight, yoibyo, those guys are ADULTS. They don't rely on you for their information. YOU HAVE NO CHANCE to take their money.

    Get busy learning or get busy losing.

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