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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Aug 5, 2003 1:34 PM Flag

    Very low volume=trouble for the shorts

    Nah. NLS shorts firmly believe in mind-over-matter and will cover only once their errors are brutally obvious.

    If any group of people was ever willing to ignore every danger sign, to value every smartass remark and every fleeting emotion much higher than the safety of their money, it's NLS shorts.

    Leave them to their fate ... because they wouldn't have it any other way.

    My only regret is that we'll have to listen to "shoulda-coulda-woulda" stories from these half-assed "traders" well into the peak of the next economic boom. If the shorts sound irrational now (while they could be cashing in) ... just imagine what they'll be like when the whole covering opportunity blows away like a fart in the breeze. It won't be pretty.

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