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  • drumnbasssmartass drumnbasssmartass Apr 8, 2004 2:19 PM Flag

    Helllloooooooooooooooo....anybody home?

    Hello all you NLS Posters. Where are you? Like, nobody coming on to comment on the Sturm & Drang of NLS over the last fortnight? The stock is up, what $2? That will buy you heavy hitters a lot of bling bling. And where's RJR Gordon...the board sourpuss? Folks, I need some chatter here. We all quietly confident that NLS is going to have a bang up quarter and noone wants to jinx it or is it that all the retail investors are gone and it's just the institutional borg trading now? If that's the case, sorry I said anything Mr. Borg. Please go back to acquitision.

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    • Hey, drumnbass! No idea why the stock moved up, unless some shorts got tired of paying dividends for a narrowing slice of margin cash.

      But I'll ante up and ask you how you're doin in market and in life?

      You mentioned something about a cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" a while back I think? Is that the Joy Division song or something else? My incompetent band in high school found that one of the few songs we could play! Are they still influencing people even now?

      If we're lucky, syd and indian may jump into the party too!

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      • Astral,

        Thanks for the answer to your question, yes they are still a major influence.

        Quick head's up for you...the National Post (Canadian paper) has an article today on Value Investing, which I am pretty sure is your area of interest.

        If you haven't got the time to chase it down, I will net the article out for you:

        1) There are very, very few value plays out there, and;
        2) If you want a value play you need to go to 'emerging markets' including (this part I found strange) Canada and Australia (to name the two leaders).

        Take Care,


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