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  • grc2csc grc2csc Oct 27, 2005 4:23 PM Flag

    Way oversold....

    Unfortunately, the general market sucks which also drag everone down with it.

    Really do not believe NLS havs BAD earning, it could be no as rosy as analyst like to hear (in one of their conference). Look at GT today and past few day's action (soldoff continues until big up today)- the good management will be vindicated - only at earning date.

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    • Booyaaaaah ,,is full of it. The guy is as good as Tina the psychic . She is good.

    • I meant "call Cramer" as a joke. He is entertaining, but wrong as much as he is right.
      I think he screens the calls so only the people that are really into the "booyah" are aired. Probably he would not be excited about NLS right now even though long term it is a good solid co.

    • Yes, call and ask Cramer. He is best contrarian indicator in the market, he said sell to ELN at $3 -now is $8. He liked JOE at $70, now is $61.

      The pattern seems to be he loved "hot" stock, and despised "beaten" one.

      Belonged to same category as indicted Smith Barnet telecom analyst Jack Grubmen -who recommended Global Crossing and WorldCom to clients while wrote netagive e-mail opinion to his friend.

    • my guess is that it will trade between 16 and 20. Disappointment in outlook will limit upside, but stock buyback and high short interest will limit downside. Besides, this stock is close to 40% off its high already. I guess another quarter will have to go by before any significant move up or down takes place. Why don't you call Cramer and see if he says "booyah" ?

    • Anyone can tell me whats the story with this company. I really cant figure it out.

    • Astral_tsar,

      No argument here at all. I agree I can't tell from the information flea provides the extent of his gains/losses. But no matter. What he provides is certainly better than someone telling me after the fact of their investing prowess. I've looked at fleas reported trades and they've always been consistent with the stock price at the time he posted.

      Besides, the amount he made/lost is all a relative thing. If Flea has a net worth of $100 million and he's gaining/losing $250,000 a trade, it's still small potatoes to him. While to me it would be a sizeable portion of my networth.

      Just having him put his stake in the ground is good enough for me.

      Has anyone summarized the earnings call? I couldn't make it.


    • "The thing I respect about Flea is that he posts when he's going short and when he's covered."

      Flea is a great guy and has been studying this stock for years. But I don't see enough information in his "short @ x" and "long @ y" posts to guess whether he is making money or losing money. Not trying to start an argument, just saying I don't quite see all the info there.

      But, OMG, what am I saying, of course everybody on the internet always makes big money on every trade!!! I can't believe the brokers settle for fixed commissions when they could be taking a %%% of the profit$$$!!!

    • Watch out now, guy. This stock is not a bargain at $18.

    • You da man!

    • Using some leverage at $18.30 into the close.

      While I hope your not right, I wish you luck Flea!

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