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  • worrrddd worrrddd Nov 17, 2005 2:36 AM Flag


    Nice to see the insiders are doing well as they unloaded Stock in the mid $20's, even our boy Greg took advantage ealier this year for a few million. He's done so much for the company, why not!!! Meanwhile the directors sell their options while the company buys them back with ZERO impact on reducing shares outstanding. Seems like good use of cash flow, padding their wallets. Running the company up to 30 was easy based on Greg's we're selling Levi's mentality; now lets see them hold on to or grow a the net after tax % margin. I'm betting they can't do it.

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    • the reason little dose not sell is because of the tax man and he can borrow aginst them anyway tomorrow look like a good day to be long nls!!!!!

    • "I wonder what he's been waiting for? "
      I'd say something north of 60 bucks.
      Might take 2-3 years.
      Mr. Little is a TRUE long.

    • I agree, better safe than sorry.

    • I started buying at just over $20 and bought down into the low $18's. If I could get out between $18-19, I'd be happy. I guess I'm the defintion of overhead supply. You may be right, they may be on the right track, and your most likely right about most of the-near term anyway-negatives being priced in at this point. I just don't like the way mgmt handled the Q4 miss.

      With all that said I see Gregg H has only cashed in 150K of his initial 850K share grant(signing on bonus from 03) at $8.39. He must have a pretty good idea he'll be able to cash them in higher or he most likley would have sold more last May when he sold the first 150K shares. That's not to mention Director Paul Little who's holding almost 1.5 million common shares through his Westover Inv Co. and personal holdings. He's been a very faithful holder over the years. As he's been holding those shares with few relative sales since the Bowflex (BFX) days of .25 cents or so. I wonder what he's been waiting for?

    • Just wondering how new you are to nls? Is $18.50 your entry price or do you have another rational for choosing this price? I think that most of the bad news is out on the stock with the lawsuit just presenting a buying opportunity. The key will be in how they can maintain the projected growth rates. 20%/year will be pretty tough but if they even come close to this the stock is a true bargain. The analyst estimate for the next 5years is 24% on Yahoo. Do you have any information or feeling on how they are doing in the nondirect channels (ie Sears etc)? I am in for 8500shs at an ave of about $17.15.

    • Could this be the rally we've been looking for. I for one am looking to cash out if/when we get closer to $18.50. I have lost faith in Mgmt after the BS they spread at multiple inv. conferences and then lowered the boom for the 4th Q in the Q3 report/call. They maybe just hitting a small bump in the road to multi year growth but as they say trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice.....

    • So you made something up, it turned out to be false, and you got caught. Now you're angry at the folks who remember what really happened. Boo hoo.

    • AStral you wrote:

      "You're right, NLS has never traded for $50.

      A lot of folks just make stuff up. "

      And then you wrote:

      "Ok. But I wish I had shorted at $50 for 3.375 of today's shares in 2000!"

      Yes you are late to the game, often wrong and owing many apologies. Now I remember why I quit posting.

      Good luck on getting your 8 bucks.

    • Ok. But I wish I had shorted at $50 for 3.375 of today's shares in 2000!

      Yes I'd be underwater and paying dividends, but think of the bragging I could do on the internet, short from $50 per "share"!

    • now, now, be nice as!!!

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