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  • sblazo1 sblazo1 Feb 3, 2006 8:42 PM Flag

    Conference call

    Why is there so much negative sentiment right now. The call pretty much met the update figures which gave the stock a 25% haircut. They claim that the demand for the products is very strong(sales of existing products would have been better without new product announcements that they couldn't ship) and that the inventory levels at retail outlets is if anything light. That the new product introduction problems are quite visible and not all that hard to solve, and in fact to a large extent have been solved. This expanation has some ring of possible truth or perhaps its just all lies. I don't see anything that should cause a big drop in stock price unless you believe the lies hypothesis.

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    • What's with the "lies lies" talk? Relax! This is a very ordinary situation. The business is in a tight spot, but management is trying not to wave red flags and scare the shareholders. And it's like you're trying to polarize that into Good (everything is just fine) vs Evil (those bastids are *lying* to us).

      What lies? Nobody lied bout the enormous inventory overrun, the falling margins, the zooming capital expenditures. The company disclosed all that promptly to the SEC. Anyone who reads the damn filings got out in November.

      Conference call verbage ... who knows what on earth that crap means. I wouldn't call it lies, even if it turns out to be misleading. Just harmless smoke. But it's definitely not helping you. So ignore it. Ignore anything not filed with the SEC, ignore "positive tone," ignore the ridiculous investment-bank salespeople everybody calls "analysts." Focus on the legal filings.

      Well, best of luck.

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