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  • khaledmrd khaledmrd Feb 22, 2006 4:08 PM Flag

    It is about


    1- Announcment for the New Anticpated innovative products in the comming days or weeks.

    2- A better EPS qtr than the last and beyond.

    3- pay off from the Synergy of acqustiones, ERP system, new leaders in place, etc.

    4- buy back shares.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I agree. Just like StairMaster and Schwinn Fitness, the PearlIzumi brand will probably be maintained -- possibly even expanded to native Nautilus products as happened with Schwinn Fitness.

    • Sorry, I guess I again wasn't being clear enough. StairMaster as a brand is actually a very well known brand and in fact does sell fairly well. That is to say it sells well for an outdated and ignored product line. The problem is that no one ever bothered to update the brand stylings and they tried to ride some treadmill success brought on by Quinton. Quinton which once was the benchmark for commercial treadmills. Schwinn, the brand has not come out with a legit new product in a pretty long while. You're right, some Bowflex products were marketed on the Schwinn brand. That was to gain access to an already established retail buying group. I still find that to be a bad idea, branding one product under two names.

      I think your supporting my claim better than I've been. The track record you and I have been laying out clearly shows that the only new products that have come out recently or are coming out soon are Nautilus branded products. All of this supports a case to suggest that Pearl Izumi will be folded in like the others. Maybe not immediately but in the near future. It only took 4 years for StairMaster and Schwinn brand to stop having brand new product.

    • No, Nautilus bought Stairmaster years ago; unfortunately it was failing and doesn't sell. No story there. The Schwinn Fitness brand wasn't phased out. In fact the reverse happened: existing "retail Bowflex" products developed by Direct Focus were marketed under the Schwinn Fitness brand.

      What I'm asking is simple: can you support your claim that Nautilus plans to phase out the just-purchased PearlIzumi brand?

    • well, it seems to be a pretty common practice, not just with nautilus. you're right though, idiotic to dismantle a brand with a cult following.
      what do you want documentation on? stairmaster sales price? type "direct focus buys stairmaster" into google and read the "bizjournal" article. i tried to post the link, but it was labeled as spam.
      if you want documentation on the phasing out of the stairmaster brand name or schwinn brand name just go to the nautilus website and look for yourself. how many new products are stairmaster products? how many new products are schwinn products? legit new products, not retreads with fancy new covers and colors. brand new products. could be stairmaster by nautilus, or schwinn by nautilus but it isn't. it's just nautilus. i'm speaking towards commercial and retail product lines.

    • lololololol

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      • who are the new leaders? the two guys appointed to the board? c'mon.
        i'll buy that the stock will jump based on a more productive sales month / upcoming quarter. especially now, when clubs are wanting gleaming new equipement for those folks who want to get in shape for the summer. hey, i will even buy that it will jump based on the release of so called "new product", because as long as there is a different color or different brand name on the product it must be new and exciting, right? it definitely doesn't undermine the brand or bastardize it by just switching the brand badging right? who's excitied to see Pearl Izumi by Nautilus? u think hard core cyclists who eat up Pearl products want that dumb Nautilus swirl to replace the Pearl branding? I would love to hear some opinions on rebadging already existing equipment. am i wrong in thinking it undermines the brand image/stability?

        the ERP system is not going to make anyone rich, nor will it effect a stock price. it will however make investors happy that the order entry system they probably spent millions on is up and running after 2 years.

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