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  • khaledmrd khaledmrd Mar 15, 2006 2:28 AM Flag

    Yesterday presentaion


    Tradionaly the selling season Sep-Feb, till the selling season buildup in inventory and recievables.(up and down Mar-Aug)

    New revolution model(as i recall next month?)

    Appearal for Natilus & other brand(I can't rmember which).

    still residules in 2 qtrs from the production/supply problems.

    that was my perception, could any one listen and correct me if i am wrong or add more comments.

    If nothing gone wrong, I personally look at the Sep-Nov 2006 qtr positively, (could be some fluctation on the way)

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    • So zero net borrowing, as a technical term, means that no new money has been borrowed. But, yep, we'll see.

    • No they pretty explicitly stated that the actual net borrowing balance would decline in the first quarter and the actual net borrowing would be zero by the second quarter, we will see.

    • Ok. So the 10K is the annual financial report filed with the SEC. Those numbers will be "more official" than the numbers in the press releases, but not very different. Unfortunately it sounds like management will be restating some quarters slightly, never the best news to hear. The stock doesn't seem to have reacted to that.

      I'm unclear on what they mean by "borrowing decline," I suspect they just mean the rate of new borrowings -- not actually paying down existing debt.

    • Yes Astral I see the numbers were already posted, I missed that, but it seems some report will be filed tomorrow, now I am not even sure what. Inventory up a little from sept to dec is I guess the upshot of that. One interesting thing in the presentation I thought was the statement that borrowing should decline in first quarter and be gone by second quarter, interesting to see how that plays out.

    • Again, problems in production and supply don't show up as a huge increase in finished-goods inventory. Conference calls are for spin control. Read the filings to get a balanced picture.

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