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  • khaledmrd khaledmrd Jun 16, 2007 7:25 AM Flag

    The Future of Brands -Apparel & Footwear

    Pearl Izumi products mainly for sports (Cycling , Running & Triathlon) and not pure fitness as Nautilus management had been promoting Nautilus as a Pure fitness company.
    Actually i feel for Pearl Izumi that they are cocking something.

    1st New Pearl Izumi ERP although the group has n a new ERP?

    2nd New HR manager for Pearl izumi?

    3rd No web link for Nautilus web site on PI web site, not even it mentioned it is part of a Nautilus Group?

    4th No Pearl Izumi web Links on Nautilus Corporate, Product & International sites. Not even mentioned on the home pages.

    5th No mention of Pear Izumi on Nautilus Apparel web site, there is Nautilus equipment link.

    6th Job Posted for Pear Izumi Shops, not mentioning Nautilus Apparel. and other job posted is for Nautilus Apparel and not mentioning Pear Izumi

    So do they actually needs Pear Izumi?spin it off? Selling it?
    So if they want to focus on their core business the Pure Fitness through Equipment, Apparel, Footwear & Nutrition.

    Lets look at the potential of the Apparel & Footwear

    1-Schwinn Fitness

    in the time being I would exclude Schwinn from mass Apparel as it is origin a bicycle company and as there already another company producing Schwinn bicycle & Apparel and there is a link to it on Nautilus-Schwin web site(link bottom right)
    Apparel under "Store" link but not Footwear, also there is a small link on the bottom right called �fitness� that links to Nautilus site.


    The company working on utilizing the globally known Nautilus brand for Apparel but not yet announced the Footwear, could be the reason that there is another Nautilus Footwear? or this only Safety Footwear?


    That could be a Potential Brand for Apparel and Footwear

    There is limited Bowflex apparel.


    I think It is the most potential underutilized brand

    I see it could be big on all, Equipment, Apparel & Footwear.

    so i think this year we could see

    -more news regarding Pearl Izumi Future.?
    -relaunch of the Univeral brand equipment big time on home and commercial.?
    -Nautilus Apparel main launch in North America and Internationaly.?
    -A Nutrition Deal.?
    -Obesity Campaign?
    -More retail deals?
    -Maybe more Fitness Accessories and segments?
    -the final decsion on the Acqusition of the China Plant?
    -More international deals?

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    • read again my 16 june 07 message and judge my biz vision,look at what been announced on the last CC and what could come?all hypothetically

    • Gregg fell into the trap of most knuckle headed bureaucrats and convinced himself that his quality and engineering was top of the line. He spent millions on a outdoor/sports apparel company when he needed to get the bugs worked out of his hardware....the main cash cow incidently that was keeping everything going. He bought his own lie.

    • Inline with the Nautilus strategy as the Pure Fitness Company. i hope something around this could happen?
      in Apparel & Footwear i hope they Could
      Does it make sense to Sell Pearl Izumi or spin it off with favorable pay back? and re invest the money and Focus on mainly the Pure fitness brands, ?

      Nautilus Apparel brand , introduce Bowflex or Universal Apparel and Footwear.

      Nautilus and Universal are mainly a commercail Fitness hardcore brands will appeal to people who goes to gyms more frequantly not only in the USA but they are historical well known brands in their space.

      i am from Egypt and for decades familier with Universal and later Nautilus.

      while Bowflex awarness/stregnth is mainly to the home users in North America.which has different customers appeal.
      Nutrition, i hope they could

      Partner with a Health and fitness Nutrition by buying a stack in one company (and not have to acquire one 100%) and later jointly promote both products and utilize both companies resources.?
      Equipment, i hope they
      Reinnovate,Relaunch,utilize the Universal hartage through the Nautilius channels econemy of scale across the globe.

      Aggresively promote the Bowflex brand in Europe.

      More of Nautilus home equipment.

      Empower the International Equipment Division for even to come up with it's own designs.

      Enlarge and Empower the Apparel and footwear division in North America and expanded globaly in 2008.

      Utilize the Brands in more Products line-up.

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