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  • igotkey igotkey Oct 7, 2003 4:08 PM Flag

    All those "sells"

    Haven't visited this site for a while & am amazed at all the negative, not to mention blithering, comments! I just got a great dividend last month and the stock is moving up. Are you all shorting? Where is Willow when you really need him? Anybody heard any rumblings about earnings?

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    • No opinion is worthless; there are only those who cannot find worth in one.

      If you listen carefully, you will find people teaching you without them knowing it.

      Everyone has opinions, but some opinions are worth more than others.

      How much you know doesn't matter, its the insights you're able to generate from what you do know that does. Knowledge isn't a numbers game.

      The American revolution occurred because people were angry. As Hawkeye once said from MASH regarding heros, "Sometimes it's the person who's angry enough, hungry enough, and cold enough not to give a "heck" about his life that ends up being a hero."

      Just because the grass is brown all around doesn't mean you give up trying to grow green grass.

      Did it ever occur to you that some people may want "deadwood"? After it's quiet, tame, and doesn't argue.

    • Nobeaner -- if I knew where you were I'd send a case of Bud. It would be warm but what the hell.

      You're right. It's wrong to hate a corporation. It's stupid to hate some big amorphous legal entity that holds a bunch of people who are probably wishing they were free of it.

      In Goodfellas parlance, I didn't get "whacked". I quit. Jumped ship. Rode outta town. Whatever -- it's not material.

      I may go back to work somewhere soon. Probably not a bank. This sitting around and betting horses is fun but a downward slide of sort. I'm too damn old to become a gynecologist but I'll find something else.

      Take care and keep Ogreatleap happy.

    • i really dont think dayton keylifer is a bad guy...maybe someday we'll share a warm bud

      but its amaizing how someone's worthless opinion can dominate a board...

      he doesnt know any more than anyone else..but drones on and on and's pure bullshit based on anger, frustration and a general hate for a company that downsized his dumbass

      but i understand his angst...and i feel "key" management sucks as well...but...i havent seen anything better anywhere else either...

      there are no managers....there are only blue skiers, strategists...yesman (and women)only motivated to enhance their own careers...there isn't a manager alive with his subordinates best interests at heart

      if managers today were officer grade soldiers in combat...most would be dead by friendly fire

      by the way....if there is sooo much deadwood at key (and i agree there IS) dont think another bank would recognize you realize the savings from whacking 3000 idiotic middle to upper management bean counting dipshits in "real" dollars? the math....3000 X $90,000 (salary-perks-benefits)...$270 million...not exactly chump change....and no one would miss fact, the working class could do their jobs in peace.....


    • Fair enough Nobeaner.

      Often small thinkers are more intelligent than big thinkers. Dicky Fox, Jerry McGuire's mentor said, "Without this (heart), this (brain) is nothing".

      The lion may be king of the jungle, but the monkey is more intelligent. There's something to be said for monkeying around.

      A wiseass is just someone who enjoys life more than other people can tolerate.

      No one is in control; there are only those who seek to convince us that they are. Where do you think rules come from?

      Beauty is only skin deep for those who cannot see beyond the surface.

    • Steven Segal, "I don't know who you are, but I know what you are."

      I guess we hit on something here buckeye_slim.

    • you're absolutely right...(?)

      but im not gonna let you draw me into this stuff....

      im one of those small thinkers that believe as long as im not overdrawn, the bills are paid and have money for cheap is good

      and i enjoy being a wiseass

      having said one of those whacked employees that hung on waaaay too long....made dough but got greedy....and now hope santa or daddy deeppockets shows up and bails my dumbass out...but if you're in a 401k and the bank continues to match dollar for dollar up to 6% -you can't lose...

      truth not sure what the correlation is between bankruptcys vs profitable banks vs down economies vs unprofitable banks etc....

      sometimes i believe there are about 20 people controlling all the pondering, psychobabble and in depth critical analysis in the world really means nothing...

      and small talk by the intellects...of which i am not mostly worthless...its like the school board meeting where all these highly educated assholes sit around impressing each other with their genius while the average student can't fill out a job application....

      just keep your sense of humor...(and remember beauty is only skin deep....even if you have lots of skin)

    • Hey, with a face like mine you have to have a sense of humor or else you start getting a complex everytime you look in the mirror.

      And I was worried whether my anonymity would remain in tact?

      I guess I assume that unless banks are experiencing unmanageable bankruptcies, that any uncertainty in the economy is good for bank stocks. Are they a hedge in such times? Conversely, in extremely good times, bank stocks lag the market. Comments?

    • thanks for having a good sense of humor...

      people take themselves much too seriously anymore

      in fact....

      ive decided you are truly a beautiful person (despite the weight problem)

    • Good post Nobeaner. I enjoyed this one too.

      I liked the question regarding "real women" and "real men." You're right here so no argument from me. Both are becoming extinct to the point where the only difference may be in their physcial appearance.

      Check out your message 10485 Nobeaner. Here's the source of your instigation. As for defending your honor and integrity, there's no need to defend what isn't threatened . . . is there?

      As for the visualization you have of me, I began my morning with a laugh. I won't argue it because I'm sure it gives you a laugh as well. Besides, perception is reality . . . but reality isn't truth.

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