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  • samangean samangean Jun 18, 1999 8:25 AM Flag

    lojack web site

    Looks like they've done an overhaul of the site.
    Its much better than before. Perhaps lojack is indeed
    serious about doing some better marketing these

    btw, on the site there's a story about two compressors
    which were recovered using lojack. i didnt realize the
    extent of the commercial use of lojack had moved beyond

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    • does not seem to be over. I am disgusted that we broke 7 today in such a strong market.

      Any theories out there?

    • Broke - there is no way to know the motivation
      for the buyers or sellers of the puts and calls.
      Selling covered calls is one reason that you can say that
      someone sells them. There are others. By the way, by
      selling a covered call, you limit your upside but still
      hold all of the downside of the position. This
      strategy in no way guarantees any kind of benefit. On
      average, if you are right about your stock picking,
      selling covered calls will hurt you more than help

      Good luck.

    • I think your line of reasoning works well for
      stock trading
      and in general I agree. For each each
      share sold (generally speaking) there must be a buyer
      and vice versa. But think
      about options a little
      Take a look at an example:
      A buyer bought
      1000 shares of LOJN at 8 1/2 this month.
      he believes the stock will rise in price. He
      immediately sells 10 DEC 10 covered calls. This is a credit
      his account. If the stock price rises to
      something over 10 he might get exercised. If this happened
      he made 1 1/2 points on
      the stock + the option
      credits, and he might not get exercised
      so he still
      pockets the credit and then could sell more calls.
      my point is that some people sell calls as a matter
      course to maximize return and I don't think
      that you can say
      that every time there is a buyer
      thinking the stock is going
      up that there was a seller
      who thought it was going down. As
      you can see, in
      this example the call seller might also believe

      that the stock is going up. Actually, if someone
      believes that
      the stock is going down then he would
      work with puts. And
      that's my whole theory about
      the LOJN call/put ratio favoring calls at this time.

      Bottom line is there's nothing scientific about
      into it what you will.
      Hopefully I have explained
      myself somewhat better.
      Good luck!

    • I'm not sure I understand your reasoning about
      the put/call ratio. For each buyer of those call
      options, there was a seller. Who's to say that the large
      ratio isn't due to a large amount of folks selling

    • The only options available for LOJN are
      DEC expiration.
      The ratios are as

      DEC 12 1/2 C/P open int ratio 440/35 = 12.6/1
      10 C/P open int ratio 556/185 = 3/1
      DEC 7 1/2 C/P
      open int ratio 103/89 = 1.16/1

      The increasing
      contract open interest as the strike
      increases is
      probably very normal because the cost
      decreases as
      strike price rises. The greatest interest
      is shown
      around the DEC 10 contract because that is
      the more attainable strike.
      What is interesting
      to me is that the call/put ratio
      remains greater
      than 1 at all strikes. I interpret
      that to mean
      that basically more folks think the stock
      is going
      up than down.
      So if enough people think that way
      it probably
      will be a self fullfilling
      All IMHO of course.
      Good luck to everybody.

    • broke_dog -- why not save us the hassle and
      summarize the put/call int ratio for us? I cant imagine
      there's enough options volume in lojn to make much of an
      indication, at least there wasnt when I wrote my puts (but
      that was a long time ago).

      btw, I wish lojack
      would use puts to buy back the stock. intel did this
      and not only bought back stock but also recorded
      trading gains when certain puts expired worthless.

    • opinions,it's seems that many on this board can't
      handle a contrarian view of thier beloved stock.If you
      are of the opinion that my investment knowledge is
      limited because of a penny stock,that's fine,it's my
      Meanwhile during Lojack's brief runup this is what I
      Also check Lojn's shorts list for the same period and
      you'll see I wasn't the only one making this

    • Anyone who is having a difficult time
      how to play LOJN over the next couple of months

      should slip on over to the CBOE site and check
      the put/call interest ratio for DEC 7 1/2,
      and 12 1/2. I think all of your questions
      will be
      answered. Here's a hint. BUY!

    • "LoJack said it plans to expand into Las Vegas
      and the San Francisco area." This is a quote from
      their announcement of the other day. I presume when
      they say area, they mean more than just the city and
      county of San Francisco.

      I also read recently
      that about 7,000 people PER DAY are moving into the
      Las Vegas area. Having flown into and out of their
      airport on a couple of occasions, recently, and having
      seen the construction in progress, I am inclined to
      believe the number.

      Please do not be insulted by
      my opinion, but my take on this board is that Sammy
      knows what he is talking about and you love to stir the
      pot just for the fun of it. Whether you actually know
      something about investing remains to be seen. The fact that
      you fool around with Canadian penny stocks tends to
      be a vote against your common sense and

      If Lojack continues its buyback program, and I
      believe they will at these prices, I suggest to you that
      the financial future would be brighter for you if you
      were long Lojack.

    • ""centraxx who is targeting the exact same
      territory (in theory) as boom.""

      Phoenix, Philadelphia, Houston, Oakland,Denver. This is in
      addition to Centraxx rolling out corporate owned networks
      in Ontario,South Florida and Southern California
      commencing early next year.

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