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  • hshinti hshinti Apr 11, 2011 1:53 PM Flag

    Turds like Sino and others

    Are the true manipulators. They just sold their trading shares and want to buy in cheaper. They are spreading fear and doubt. They are washing, rinsing and repeating. The true impediment to share price increase.

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    • I'm still right there with you CB and other longs, holding and hoping the best. I am not holding till the PPS reaches a certain price: I am holding until the next 10Q and CC. As long as LPH has conducted such a progressive, accretive business, I have tolerated LPH's 'status quo' CC's and their lack of attention to shareholders concerns. But I feel two things have changed;
      1. Mr. Cai has shown himself to be waking up to our concerns. Though some mock the new coming website and web cams, it was a step that directly addressed several of our concerns. I believe the other, more important steps will come. We shall see.
      2. the CGS sector situation that gets worse every day, DEMANDS that Mr. Cai address these other concerns and to do so NOW.

      I am willing to wait through the next report May 16th (probable date) and following CC to see how the new acquisition is handled and how Mr. Cai responds. I know he has his hands full running the business, but he has not built this busniness by being stupid. If the next CC comes and goes with the usual blah, blah from Toups, then I will conclude he is stupid in this regard. Then I will move on.

      If Mr. Cai addresses all of our concerns as brilliantly as he operates LPH, then I will wait to see if, as we have hoped, that all the money exiting the sector will come back to those proving themselves.

    • Mr. Cai owns 68% of the company vs. that turd Puda Ceo thug. The only difference between him and some of the thugs on this board is that he was busted. Libel, no matter what the poster's motivation, is wrong. All imo.

    • If you want to tell them that live at the CC in mid May, you better take a number. You'll have to get up pretty early!

    • Meanwhile, (if you don't think the numbers are a complete lie, and the CEO hasn't run off with the till receipts today) back at the "LPH Depot", they just made another $190,000 profit today. Oh, that's every day by the way, 7 days a week.

      While everyone pumps, bashes, flips, and speculates, and the pps does its toilet seat routine, LPH goes on about its business. As an optimist (which I can only afford to be right now or I would go jump off a bridge), I can only hope that they are busy finalizing the non dilution details of the acquisition that will double their size, getting ready to switch to a top 4 auditor at Y/E, re-designing the website complete with webcams, and racing to get SOX compliant.

    • Management doesn't have to put up cameras. Cameras are only worthwhile when the shorts use them? LPH is on the bal for using cams imo. As a great poster said, some need to "nut up".

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