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  • jimsearching jimsearching May 29, 2011 6:21 PM Flag

    Had a 38-minute conversation with Mike Toups .......

    I doubt if many think the situation is static. I for one think the situation is rapidly changing but still not enough for me. I sure wouldn't want to be long LFT through the change.

    The Big 4 Chinese subsidiaries won't really be credible until they get inspections and oversight like U.S. auditors get from the PCAOB.

    It's quite possible we will soon get people in Congress pressuring the major exchanges to limit their listings to companies that are inspected by the PCAOB. I sure would like to see that happen.

    Also understand I am long LPH and if LPH is stupid enough to hire a Big 4 Chinese subsidiary that will be fodder for the shorts to attack the Company.

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