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  • hshinti hshinti Jun 6, 2011 11:04 AM Flag

    Buy List??

    It may be as simple as some traders making a nickel profit and selling. Rinse and repeat. Eventually those stocktraders will be left behind when the higher true value becomes apparent. I like Gentrys PE of 10 @ 6.20!

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    • That's my hunch too: private investors just taking the nickel. One bonehead sold about 6K shares at market; dropped us to 1.50. Oh well!!

    • Haha - ya, I actually liked the "fade out" way the video ended with Gentry's comment on the p/e. In a way I think he is kind of "toying" with all the detractors out there.

      My issue with the rinse and repeat idea is how Fidelity and Roche snuck in here for a few million shares without disrupting the rinse and repeat?? Those were big buys, and they managed to do it without the share price getting over $1.90! I don't get the mechanics of this kind of trading, but I have always had the feeling that something was going on behind the scenes with this selling. If it was a big iceberg order back in the winter/early spring, you'd think it would be done by now. Yet it continues. If everyone just stopped selling, I wonder what would happen??

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