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  • cb_wilson cb_wilson Jun 6, 2011 10:58 AM Flag

    Buy List??

    For a company that is on so many "buy lists" out there, it sure seems awfully stuck on somebody's "sell list" at under $1.60

    With all that is known about this company now, and the news to come, why is someone still selling down here in the $1.50's?? I may be naive, but this defies reason.

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    • Short term trading is not about obvious general logic, you must comprehend this to be successful... In the short term the market is always irrational, but long term the market is generally right. With that said, take advantage of good beat up stocks such as LPH at lows that are selling off "irratioanlly" for the wrong reasons (such as being a Chinese stock) in the short term

    • Again today - no end of willing sellers. Maybe some of the ihub posters are right: Redchip could be part of the mix; they have a lot of shares (compensation for their first class IR services), that can be sold in the 1.50's or at any PPS and it is still profitable and pays their bills.

    • tigard20 Jun 6, 2011 12:57 PM Flag

      It's becoming a little obvious who's selling. There are two people that hold 68% of all shares.

    • It may be as simple as some traders making a nickel profit and selling. Rinse and repeat. Eventually those stocktraders will be left behind when the higher true value becomes apparent. I like Gentrys PE of 10 @ 6.20!

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      • Haha - ya, I actually liked the "fade out" way the video ended with Gentry's comment on the p/e. In a way I think he is kind of "toying" with all the detractors out there.

        My issue with the rinse and repeat idea is how Fidelity and Roche snuck in here for a few million shares without disrupting the rinse and repeat?? Those were big buys, and they managed to do it without the share price getting over $1.90! I don't get the mechanics of this kind of trading, but I have always had the feeling that something was going on behind the scenes with this selling. If it was a big iceberg order back in the winter/early spring, you'd think it would be done by now. Yet it continues. If everyone just stopped selling, I wonder what would happen??

      • That's my hunch too: private investors just taking the nickel. One bonehead sold about 6K shares at market; dropped us to 1.50. Oh well!!

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