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  • chickenhatsdotcom chickenhatsdotcom Aug 20, 2011 7:31 PM Flag

    You know a company is questionable at best when .....

    the company's shareholders (bagholders in this case) can only post about other posters who don't agree with their views. A sure sign of bad things to come.

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    • I'm done with this subject. Virtual conference - maybe we will get some context. Am calling Red Chip, will report back. Optimists are happier! Thanks CB

    • Exactly PEF. Being optimistic in today’s difficult market is certainly not traveling with the herd. Regardless of market conditions, those searching for reasons to be pessimistic will always poke holes in the optimistic viewpoint. This is a because “most people don’t want to risk looking dumb when it’s so easy to just go along with the herd’s view that the world is going to hell in a
      hand-basket. Let the manipulators do their thing. I really don't think they are affecting this very much, if at all. Every move LPH makes these days correlates to the broader market. Let the traders keep on beating themselves.

    • RRU, keep digging - the issue is about misrepresentation and disclosure. No beef whether bullish or bearish - Some of us have chosen to hold LPH - I respect thoughtful disagreement. Make a case but don't misrepresent the facts. But CS's claims are so transparent that it begs a response. He wants the stock at lower prices to manufacture a 10 cent trade. Are the longs misrepresenting the facts as we know them? Show me? Stock boards are the only place where optimism is ridiculed and negativity appears smart and effective. Maybe LPH is a house of cards but the PPS shows a very low expectation for a good outcome and has discounted all but a catastrophic event; it's called distressed equity. The play here is long or not at all. If there is good news it will be a good risk reward. So Chicken hut's claims to manufacture weakness is his game to create a space for a trade. Can't help it if he is so thin skinned he cannot handle it. We longs are just pushing back. It's tough to believe in this stock. You are trying to walk the middle which is impossible. I am not the only one who has an issue with "Joe's" transparency. Just make sure you are not the caboose on the Chicken Shat Express, it's how he makes his living.

      "If you walk into a room and can't recognize the mark, then the mark is you."

    • Chicken shat - I'll stack my compound ROI over 22 years vs your nickel and dime green light red light charade. You may be an expert on making .01 but are clueless about investing - I spent 22 years breaking guys like you. When you have to resort to lies on stock boards to scratch a living, then you are nothing but a scavenger. Your game is YMB three card monte.

    • I've seen this several times, when stock prices crash to absurd levels, those who have gone to cash and/or hold bearish positions tend to make statements to support their thesis. This happened in the 2010 summer downturn in CGS, except we had bashers like "antichinaredchips". We also have relentless diehard bears like MorePave on YMB and Ratobranco on IHub. Chicken merely switches horses as he sees the market forces changing - both macro and company-specific. I don't agree that LPH's underlying risk of fraud has INCREASED from before - but Joe isn't saying that specifically. I think what Joe means is that investor sentiment has gotten so bad that if there is anything less than a "meets-expectations" 10K and positive news on the expectation of progress towards LPH's acquisition, then PPS is likely to fall given that the confluence of global macroeconomic worries and continuing fraud problems in other CGS has investors pulling out of so-called risky assets.

      MarketWatch and CNBC change their tune daily as well. Right now they are running a constant stream of bearish articles like claiming that nebulous causation factors like investor sentiment and the Michigan consumer survey are reliable tools to predict another recession. Both the financial pundits and the message board prominent traders tend to mimic the current day's market moods. If you listen to such information on the FIRST DAY it is announced, you can often get out with a very trivial loss and get back in lower after the sentiment trigger issues have been played out.

      I for one think LPH could double or triple from where it stands IF all the cards line up - macro sentiment in the US turns mildly positive, sector sentiment in CGS turns somewhat less negative, LPH's 10K EPS meets expectations, and the acquisition deal closes. However, between now and then LPH could also drop another 25% to 35% -- that is realistic because if the US stock market might drop another 15% and it has perceived much safer confidence than any CGS stock, then any US markets selling pressure is usually amplified in CGS selling pressure.

      Feel free to argue your thesis - bullish or bearish. I don't like to denigrate all YMB posters as criminals merely because they disagree with the bullish thesis in the short term. The thing you have to remember with Joe - he is THE epitome of short term. Second, he doesn't lie about when he buys. If you listen in the right places he will also tell you honestly when he sells. He announced last time when he sold LPH in the 1.60s after buying in the 1.40s. He is just giving his perspective on how he trades short term. If you are LONG term and he is SHORT term, that is just a different way to make money.

    • pef1957

      You have captured the sentiment of others on this board who, while attempting to make educated/calculated risks on the investment potential of LPH, continue to wade through the garbage that is spewed on this board.

    • Seriously pef1957, you are clueless about trading. I'll bet some of you guys get even more stuck in the stock today with the futures way up pre-market, but you need to be watching gold & silver, both up nicely pre-market, indicating the overall market will lose early gains quickly today. You say "grow a pair" to rru2 ? I'd offer advice that you grow a brain.

    • RRU2, I have no problem with dissent or questioning management, its blatant misrepresentations and lying in an attempt to shape an argument and manipulate a stock which provoke several of us to react. You know machiavelli, tell a lie long enough and it is perceived as truth. Apparently you dont have a problem with lying on board, even when you know such info is an intentional act mispresenting the facts. Avoiding fhe real issue by passing yourself off as amoral in these things is as corrupt as the act it self. Maybe management is corrupt and there is fraud but posters such as CS are playing both ends against the middle to manipulate pps. Grow a pair - you have undermined your own credibility condoning CS's behaviour.

    • I take everything with a grain of salt, as I have never yet seen an investor that didn't promote his own position. I pay attention to things like "first buy", otherwise they made be looking at the top part of a run and complimenting the stock's strength.

    • You're such a goon.

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