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  • cb_wilson cb_wilson Sep 9, 2011 4:54 PM Flag

    LPH hirings in June, July, and September, 2011

    Hi....uh Morefud here (that CB alias can be sooo annoying). Like, you knuckledraggers couldn't be more wrong. All rainbows and unicorns for you dopes. The heat is on Cai, as he has all you bagholders snooping around where you don't belong. Lose the funny hat and the pipe Sherlock, these jobs aren't posted for drones to fill tankers, they're in the finance dept. Get it? Helloooo?? It's getting more complicated to hide all the bogus numbers and past shady deals. Did you not see the picture in the last presentation of Toups and VanWaggoner smiling like a couple of choir boys in blissful ignorance?? Do those smiles look like they came from overseeing audits all day?? Cai's new "accounting hires" will surely clean you all out of your sorry clocks, before you can say, "Sinopec is your new neighbor".

    **With Friday afternoon apologies to Morepav, wherever he is....I'm just all giddy with the pps going from ludicrous to horrific.

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