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  • lphreal lphreal Sep 9, 2011 12:06 AM Flag

    LPH hirings in June, July, and September, 2011

    Is a fraudulent company will add so many positions in June, July, and September, 2011?

    hiring in June and July:

    hiring in September:

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    • Thank you. However, posting job openings on a website ? How about 15% net profit margins as an oil distributor. Really ? $60 million in annual net profit with 12 trucks. Really?

      Isn't it odd that 500 Chinese reverse mergers landed on our laps in the space of about 18 months in 2007/8 and ZERO from India, Brazil or anywhere else.

    • talkiewalkie Sep 9, 2011 4:28 PM Flag

      Thank you very much for your contribution.
      You surely know your way around.
      I've got some help in translating the treasurer's job descriptions.
      People, please help correct/improve the translation as needed.
      Thanks to great_toy too for pitching in.

      The common title part.
      Taiyuan Longwei Trading Company Limited.
      Company Practice: Trading/Petroleum Import/PetroChemical/Chemical Energy/Mining/Digging?/Smeltery/Tourism/Vacationing
      (Don't know how Tourism and Vacationing got in there.)
      Company Type: Private
      Company Size: 100-499 people (Used to be under 100, as I recall.)

      Now the job desc:
      Job classification: Financials something. Treasurer/Comptroller/Taxation matters
      Location: Taiyuan Post Date: Sept 7, 2011
      Experience: 10 years+ Minimum Education: University
      Management Experience: Yes Employment Term: Fulltime
      Number of Candidates (or Openings?): 7

      Qualification Requirements:
      Education: BS or higher in finances or related disciplines
      Age: 35+ (Man. In America, we call this reverse age discrimination.)
      Person Disposition: mature, stable, serious (Happy go-lucky incompetentos need not apply)
      Professional Experience: 5 years plus in industrial, commercial enterprise finances
      intermediate or higher responsibilities
      technical specities, familiarity with (public) relations, law,
      enterprise-scale accounting regulations, measurements (survey?)
      expertise in financial precision (i.e. accounting?) and management
      superb analytical skills,
      manage energy analytics for company resource allocation (and depreciation?) and pricing?
      Fundamental Capabilities: Plan and organize human resources, work flow.
      Advanced Capabilities: Ability to improve, enhance, synergize team work for further advancement.

      Please send your resume to
      Enclose/Attach a recent photo.
      Thank you.</translation>

      • 2 Replies to talkiewalkie
      • Looks like back to the confusion issue of Longwei Trading vs Longwei Petroleum (LPH). Two different companies, although I am fairly certain Cao controls both.

      • Hi....uh Morefud here (that CB alias can be sooo annoying). Like, you knuckledraggers couldn't be more wrong. All rainbows and unicorns for you dopes. The heat is on Cai, as he has all you bagholders snooping around where you don't belong. Lose the funny hat and the pipe Sherlock, these jobs aren't posted for drones to fill tankers, they're in the finance dept. Get it? Helloooo?? It's getting more complicated to hide all the bogus numbers and past shady deals. Did you not see the picture in the last presentation of Toups and VanWaggoner smiling like a couple of choir boys in blissful ignorance?? Do those smiles look like they came from overseeing audits all day?? Cai's new "accounting hires" will surely clean you all out of your sorry clocks, before you can say, "Sinopec is your new neighbor".

        **With Friday afternoon apologies to Morepav, wherever he is....I'm just all giddy with the pps going from ludicrous to horrific.

    • Yes - nice find LPHreal. That's the way these boards are supposed to work. Thanks.

      Pretty obvious what is going on with these new hires. For the FUD rakers here though, paranoia trumps facts.

    • Thanks for sharing that due diligence LPHreal! The company is about to grow dramatically and I liked seeing that they are adding accounting people.

    • great_toy Sep 9, 2011 3:39 AM Flag


      Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. Taiyuan Longwei Industry: Trading / Import & Export of oil / petrochemical / chemical energy / mineral / mining / smelting
      Travel / vacation
      Company Type: Private
      Company size: 100-499

      About Us:

      Long Wei Petrochemical in 1995 by the Ministry of Commerce approved the establishment of a registered capital of 300 million yuan. Is engaged in diesel, gasoline, kerosene, asphalt and other refined oil wholesale, retail and large-scale private petrochemical companies, both national defense functions of strategic reserves of fuel. The group consists of four branches. Company of "quality first, sincere service" business philosophy, "make the best use, as I used" the employment mechanism and the "simultaneous development of business with you," the strategy of innovative ideas, join now Chengpin community Yingcai total figure longwei cause.

      Address: Taiyuan Wanbailin Valley District Well No. 30 Bus: The whole point (such as 9 points, 10 points) from the roadway from a roadway Trade City, opposite the transfer of 451 bound for large wells valley road light trucks, terminal that is to


      Treasurer (Taiyuan)
      Accounting (Taiyuan)
      Project Management (Taiyuan)
      Office (Taiyuan)
      Sales Manager (Taiyuan)
      Sales Assistant (Taiyuan)
      Security (Taiyuan)
      Salesperson (Taiyuan)
      Fireman (Taiyuan)
      Metering member (Taiyuan)
      Railway workers (Taiyuan)
      Cook (Canteen) (Taiyuan)
      Oil workers (Taiyuan

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