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  • runcdsrun runcdsrun Sep 21, 2011 1:51 PM Flag

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    Sounds like them in this report

    NIA is working day and night finalizing the most important report ever released in U.S. history for American investors interested in Chinese stocks. Keep an eye out for our email coming later today with a link for you to contribute and be among a select few lucky people to receive this one-of-a-kind, life-changing report on Thursday.

    NIA's report will feature 100 China stocks trading in the U.S. and rank each of these companies from #1 to #100. Number 1 will be the China stock we are most confident will double or triple in the short-term. Number 100 will be the China stock we are most confident will have major accounting problems down the road and be delisted from its exchange and go bankrupt.

    NIA is extremely confident about the top 10 companies in its exclusive China report. One China stock in our top 10 is an agriculture company with double digit revenue growth that has a P/E of about 2 and is trading for only slightly above its cash position. Another in our top 10 is an oil company that also has double digit revenue growth and a P/E around 2, but this company is funding from its cash flow without any dilution to shareholders, an acquisition that will likely bring its P/E down to below 1. These are both 100% legitimate companies, but NIA has major concerns about the majority of the other 90 companies in our report and we will tell you exactly what our concerns are about them.

    A small group of Americans will become very rich over the next year or two by buying the right Chinese stocks that have been beaten down to artificially low valuations for no real reason, except unjustified fears. However, a much larger group of Americans will lose their life savings over the next year or two by buying the wrong Chinese companies that have major red flags that NIA has discovered.

    NIA's goal with this report is to help an exclusive group of NIA members become among the small group of Americans who become wealthy in the very near-future, by avoiding the China stocks that are reporting phony profits and sticking with the China stocks that we know are 100% legitimate and are at artificially low fire sale prices that won't last for long.

    NIA is sure that in two or three years from now, none of the 100 China stocks in our report will be trading anywhere near where they are today. We believe the real China stocks that are currently at artificially low insanely undervalued prices, will almost all be trading over 1,000% higher than today. We believe the fake China stocks will almost all be exposed as scams with most of them collapsing to zero.

    NIA's report being released on Thursday will without a doubt be the most valuable tool for helping investors determine what China stocks they should consider and what China stocks they should avoid. This report is for informational and educational purposes only. It does not provide any buy or sell recommendations or any investment advice of any kind. You must do your own research and make your own investment decisions.

    Stay tuned for NIA's email coming later today that will allow you to become among the lucky few to receive our life-changing report being released tomorrow.


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