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  • claefanortnorq claefanortnorq Dec 1, 2011 10:03 AM Flag

    Virtual Conference Highlights

    From Toups this morning: (as always, anyone that listened to the call, give us your take as well.)

    1. He is going to China next week for the Shareholders meeting and to hopefully finalize the acquisition of Haujie.
    2. the acq. calls for final payment and registration of the transaction and transfer of title, which takes a little time.
    3. expects to be able to give update regarding the acq. at shareholders meeting on Dec. 15th
    4. he will be working on the tax recon. while in China next week - hopes to release "fairly quickly"
    5. Cai still hopes to finalize acq. with cash, but because of relaxing of Chinese lending, may consider small debt loan to finalize
    6. ramp up of Haujie will take a few months, due to Chinese New Year and will take approx. 20 million working capital
    7. Cai more inclined to divi instead of share buyback. The two owners already own 67%. Divi could start in Q2 2013
    8. Going private not consideration at this point. Cai wants to continue to do what is best for current shareholders. They are hoping PPS improves as Chinese US listed sentiment improves.
    9. still looking to hit sales target for 2012, despite Q1 sales, they hope organic growth will enable them to reach projection.
    10. do not look to change auditor at this point, happy with CVWB

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    • "Divi could start in Q2 2013" is it the right date? 2013 ?

      Until then they are going to generate over 100m$ in cash - what are they going to do with that money???

      I did not listen but maybe it was Q2 2012 ?

    • Thanks, I was in the car and couldn't listen. The acquisition is a done deal at this point, which is just unbelievable that a US-listed China stock actually used their own funds to achieve 60% forward EPS growth, WITHOUT DILUTION SHAREHOLDERS!!!

      Now let's see how many other RTOs can prove their legitimacy and follow in the same path. If a dozen RTOs do acquisitions without dilution over the next few months, we could see average P/E values DOUBLE in this sector.

    • ribotbarroso Dec 1, 2011 10:32 AM Flag

      As I been saying the right answer is BUY! LPH is going to for the big one.

      1. Aquisition
      2. BRIC
      3. Management
      4. Vision
      5. Potential

    • Thanks Clae - was in meetings myself all day yesterday - good summary, and all as expected. Just need the rest of the street to catch up to us...:)

      throttle up.....T minus 15 days and counting....

    • Interesting how those who own the stock look at the facts as positive and I who does not own the stock look at the talk as negative.
      The company is telling you the deal will close but they can not get the cash from its business and want to borrow now from the banks and could not borrow in the past. Will they be able to borrow the money.
      They will not upgrade the auditor which is a really negative sign for the company.
      They are throwing stuff such as a dividend a year from now likely to get buying in the shares, another negative.
      They only have $3 million cash on the balance sheet and saying they need to put money in the acquisition where they will get the money who knows.
      And looking at the chart pattern I see it is at the top of a descending rectangle which is negative.

      • 1 Reply to ja546
      • Long time no see, WKBT bagholder, WKBT is close to a 52 week low with it's current PPS of 0.425, LOLOLOL.

        ja546, after seeing you bash LPH for a couple weeks continously you suddenly disappeared from this board after November 21 until just now. That makes a lot of sense my sources tell me that just today you sold LPH at $1.43. Good for you!

        But spare us the double-talking lies, treating LPH like a POS when you are drooling to get back in, then disappearing during the run up after you buy back in. Your opinion is a big lie and only depends on where you are in the wash-rinse-repeat cycle.

    • A higher win-ratio and lower fraud-ratio might accomplish the same goal without meds!

    • go play with your pud son. You suffer the same problem with stocks as you did when you were a junior analyst. All will be revealed in 30 days good or bad but "you have to be in it to win it." So if you don't have any skin in the game, hit the road.

    • If you are in it you can loose it.
      Interesting no one looks at the actually fundamentals of the company and comments on the fundamentals of the company like only $3 million of cash on the balance sheet and not able to do the private and no banks have loaned them any money and they want to keep this auditor which makes me, the private guys and the banks concerned about what they say and their statements.

    • JA, have you ever been to China? Rodeo Drive it is not.

      We shall see. Risk capital only.

    • I lived near Beverly Hills and have only been to Hong Kong but date many Chinese girls which can be very expensive so I need to make a lot of money in the stock market.

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