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  • buyerangry buyerangry Jan 11, 2012 7:35 PM Flag

    Evidence of recruiting for Huajie location

    rrus, please do me a favor: keep this kind of information to yourself or your selected group of buddies like paul and clae. stop informing the those clueless weak hands! Just accumulate behind the scene, ok?

    I still want to buy below 1.30, and as you might already know time is ticking to the announcement day right now. If I never see 1.2x again its all your fault! We are not friend anymore!!!!!!

    (don't ever ask who I am. I am somebody you know who is very unhappy about this last post of yours)

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    • The ole reverse psychology!

      • 2 Replies to lesspheus
      • LPH's acquisition of Huajie Petroleum is located in Xingyuan Township, Fanshi County in northern Shanxi Province, China.

        Previous job recruitment locations were listed for Taiyuan, Shanxi, not Fanshi County.

        But the newest job listings suggest Longwei is hiring workers in the county of the Huajie Petroleum to-be-acquired facility. See below where I placed 3 asterisks (***) in the text copied from the job listings website:

        Long Wei Trade Co., Ltd. Taiyuan

        Company Industry: Trade / export of oil / petrochemical / chemical energy / mineral / mining / smelting travel / vacation
        Company Type: Private
        Company size: 100-499
        Job Category: administrative / logistical / secretarial
        Location: Taiyuan
        Release Date: 2012-01-11
        Experience: 5-10 years
        Minimum Education: College
        Management experience: Yes
        Nature of work: Full-time
        Number: 2

        Location: Shanxi *** Fanshi ***, Taiyuan.


        1. Administrative office responsible for organizing the development of cost estimates
        2. Responsible for organizing the logistics of the development budget
        3. Responsible for developing and improving the office and logistics management rules and regulations relating to the management
        4. Responsible for organizing writing Milestones;
        5. Office management company responsible for organizing the drafting of documents, organizing company-wide document number, printing, distribution and administrative documents, important data filing, archiving, storage work;
        6. The company responsible for organizing the reception of guests;
        7. Responsible for organizing the procurement of office supplies and equipment
        8. Responsible for controlling the various departments of the administrative office expenses
        9. Responsible for the assessment of subordinates;
        10. Responsible for the company's external relations, publicity, public relations;
        11. Responsible for payment of office supplies
        12. Responsible for the preparation and organization of the meeting;
        13. Responsible for leading the company's logistics management;
        14. Responsible for the company seal, letter of introduction of the use of custody;
        15. Responsible for completing the tasks assigned temporary general manager;
        16. Responsible for safety oversight.

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