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  • cb_wilson cb_wilson Mar 15, 2012 10:48 PM Flag

    Time to get real....

    Today's action makes it abundantly clear that a lot of interested folks that are turned on to LPH have one eye on the PR's and an itchy finger on the buy button. Today's PR was just a warm fuzzy with not a lot of facts, and the pps & volume went nutso! However, reading between the lines of the PR, it is clear they are what they are, and patience will be rewarded. While they have mismanaged the message profoundly from an American perspective.... maybe not so much from a Chinese perspective. Better get used to it, there's a new Sheriff in town, and the "American Way" of public company behavior is maybe past its best before date. Ya'll better start reading up on Chinese business culture and customs - good and bad.

    In the meantime, the most comprehensive and objective information about not only LPH, but the cultural and strategic environment in which it operates can be found at the following 2 links. Reading them will allow you to reach your own conclusion without undue influence from the morons who regularly post here about how the sky is falling.


    Read the commentary below each article as well. Kevin Chen deals with many different questions and comments very objectively, and with a lot of insider knowledge of the business environment in China.

    The analyst covering LPH for Rodman & Renshaw was on site for a number of days back last fall, and sent me her initiating report. It is easily attainable.

    If you are a trader - knock yourself out. There are opportunities to make some money on LPH trading in and out in small positions. If you are an investor (like a small circle who posts on this board), I am told that patience will be rewarded.

    If you are just a lonely person who likes attention by throwing garbage out there, in a desperate attempt to attract a pen pal, or scare a few nervous retail investors to cough up some shares to you, maybe crawl back under that rock or toilet seat from whence you came. Really.

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