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  • rru2s rru2s Mar 18, 2012 11:19 AM Flag

    Seeking Alpha article out

    Nice writeup by Dutch Trader. I expressed my uncertainties in the comments section, FWIW. Kevin Chen also weighed in with his comments. I will call this a strong buy if and only if the deal is sure to close.

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    • I wouldn’t buy this stock either. You will never get Raymond James or any other reputable Wall Street firms or even S&P 500 provides any ratings on LPH (a soon-to-be $1B company). All you get it some guy who owns this stock eagerly pumping LPH on Seeking Alpha. The author couldn’t even answer a direct question when asked by someone in the comment section regarding the source of his claims. This seems to me just another self-serving pumper and cannot be trusted.


    • "...I don't think your FUD has anything to do with LPH any more..."

      I blame the CNN and the Twitter - I use to write more better.

      "...Not to worry. Once the US rips itself apart even further this fall,..."

      Further...? There's nothing left. I just witnessed a hundred years of sovereign wealth sucked out of this corpse of a debtor nation by politicians/bankers to their BVI accounts.

      Do Canucks live under a rock? Third-tier scavengers are picking at what's left of the bones of the U.S. Don't deny me the small satisfaction of whacking the occasional rat feeding on my decaying limbs. I know it's not goign to bring me back to life - I just like whacking rats! A little pity, perhaps?

      "...Apparently none of you want our filthy dirty oil,..."

      Oh, we *want* the oil all right. We just don't want the guilt that comes along with raping the Athabasca watershed and contributing to it's new spawn of mutant, deformed fish. Your harshest critcs will be your own grandchildren (with three thumbs). Who cares what some ranting two-thumber yank says today?

      "...We're happy to keep selling all the oil we can extract to Cai and his band of happy imperialists..."

      "Welcome to Alberta - We look just like Detroit, except our gangs are friendly and drive snowmobiles and the crack dealers sell oil."

    • Morefud - I don't think your FUD has anything to do with LPH any more. It now seems to have morphed into a more erudite version of Hono's rants against anything "unAmerican"? Not to worry. Once the US rips itself apart even further this fall, there will be even more angst and handwringing opp's to come. Apparently none of you want our filthy dirty oil, so keep buying those Cdn gold loonies! We're happy to keep selling all the oil we can extract to Cai and his band of happy imperialists.

    • Yes they tried but if the PPS was above 3$ which is more fair and less dilutive than issuing shares (converting warrants)at 2,25$.

      You can admit that witdrawing that SEC filing is a good sign from management that LPH will not issue share for just any cost.

      Nevertheless I do not believe we will cross 2,25$ significantly until the end of October, what could attract many warrant holders to convert. I really want these warrants expire worthless.

    • True, but they tried to sell more shares, didn't they.

    • If they did not care they would not have withdraw SEC filing for 50m$ share issue. They could just issue share at 1,5$ to get cash...following your way of thinking.

    • dude they don't care about dilution, they care about cash. Cash is king, ribbit.

    • Call it what you want. I monitor this board and China news sources for conditions that may make me want to invest. If they announce tomorrow that the deal is going to close by end of March and the seller has agreed to all terms and conditions, believe me, I would be one of the first to sign up. However, at this point in time I do not trust any RTO as a long term bet without a proven catalyst, and the main catalyst with LPH seems to have worn out many investor's patience due to one excuse after another for 8 months. And as far as the reconciliation in and of itself, I was beginning to doubt that would ever happen, either. It will be interesting to see whether a photocopy of the authentic SAT filing original, including the correct chop/stamp is provided along with the reconciliation.

      If all this turns out to be real, I'm back, and that's why I am here. But given the way RTOs are found guilty of fraud almost once a month, the risk is too high for me to bet the farm on a dangling carrot that has fail to deliver the promised goods over an 8 month timeframe. Heck, NEP just got halted a second time, and that is on top of their being cited last December for a deficiency for not having the minimum board member makeup. Nope, these RTOs are only good for holding during a strong catalyst, since risk is a function of the length of time one remains long with a particular RTO.

      Nevertheless, GLTA.

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