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  • marek602 marek602 Apr 18, 2012 8:28 AM Flag

    PR - who is attending as LPH reps

    "We encourage shareholders who have a strong interest in the Company to schedule a one-on-one meeting with our executives at investors' conferences such as the RedChip Small-Cap New York Conference on Thursday, April 26, 2012 at the Harvard Club of New York City"

    EXECUTIVES.......Toups and ......WHO else?
    Finally Cai will appear ?

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    • LPh longs must fight
      Build your own PR fight
      With marek in charge
      Interest will be large
      Don't be content
      Be vigilante
      Some have fallen on this quest
      Some who thought that they were the best
      For example, one who failed at the part
      May lewdly in a bar, be called Bradfart

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      • Take the LPH news down to the street
        It’s got a story that just can’t be beat

        Yet here it still sits mired in the muck
        In front of big money who don’t give a ….darn

        “Here’s a cool new video we think you’ll really dig”
        But it’s just more lipstick they’ve put on this pig

        The acquisition may come and all prove to be true
        In spite of the bashers who don’t have a clue

        “Tis more money we need”, and we take up the shout
        "A few friendly bankers, will remove all the doubt"

        The recon is late, tis the Chinese way
        Meanwhile the longs continue to pay

        “It’s just around the corner” says Toups with the authority of Merkle,
        Meanwhile his office is in the shape of a circle

        "Patience" they murmur as if in a trance
        While CFO Toups continues his dance

        Unless real clarity some day comes our way
        It is in the 1.60’s we are destined to stay

    • Has lph moved from a lettr of intent to a contract purchase. seems to be the case if so they are two different animals.some dd on this subject?

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