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  • ja546 ja546 Jul 3, 2012 12:02 PM Flag

    Reconcilation done but still major problems

    It is a positive the reconciliation is done but it still looks like the company is playing around with the earnings statement.
    Revenue was up 5.9% but the Chinese economy is growing at over 8%, not a good sign.
    And with revenue up 5.9% why would operating expense for the nine months be down 30%.
    When you say you are making a major acquisition and sales are going up your operating expense should be much higher.
    Also, when you pay an 80% down payment for a major acquisition you do not take over a year to close the acquisition and they still will not say where the $85 million down payment is locating.
    Lastly, who received the huge advance payments in a time of surplus oil and declining oil prices.
    With these questions it is interesting why anyone would be buying these shares, especially before the audit for the fiscal year closing is released.

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    • ja546, you are STILL the dumbest primate who ever walked erect on the face of the earth.

      How is ANYONE ever going to take you seriously when you promoted WKBT at a PPS of 10-times the current stock price of $0.21? You were pumping WKBT ALL THE WAY DOWNHILL starting in spring of 2011, and kept pumping at $0.80, $0.40, $0.35, $0.25, and now $0.21. You can't argue with the tape on your abyssmal stock predictions with WKBT.

      Second, you have been claiming for months that LPH would not release a reconciliation and that the reconciliation would not contain authentic documents because according to you the earnings were all fake. Now you have mud in your face because the tax filings PROVE BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT that LPH really does earn the revenues it claims; as NO COMPANY ON EARTH would ever pay taxes it does not actually owe. Another abyssmal record at stock evaluation, ja546.

      Go back to selling travel scams to 80-year olds, at least those folks are gullible enough to believe you.

    • Oh, so now it's the Chinese economy and where is the cash? You are such a clown.

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