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  • unemon1 unemon1 Nov 23, 2012 4:18 AM Flag

    LPH ... the best company on earth

    Is LPH operating in the same sector as Sinopec Shandong Taishan Petroleum Co ?

    SINOPEC Shandong Taishan Petroleum Co., Ltd. is engaged in the procurement and sale of petrochemical products. Its major products are diesel oil, fuel oil, gasoline and kerosene. The company was founded on December 15, 1993 and is headquartered in Taian, China.

    One sector ... two completely different worlds! ... ... LPH management is one of the smartest team in the world ... ... results confirm that!

    Longwei sales per employee: 6.81m $
    Sinopec sales per employee: 3.04m $

    Sinopec profitability:

    Gross Margin 5.78
    Operating Margin 1.33
    Pretax Margin 0.25
    Net Margin 0.24
    Return on Assets 0.97
    Return on Equity 1.05
    Return on Total Capital 1.04
    Return on Invested Capital 1.04

    Longwei profitability

    Gross Margin 16.80
    Operating Margin 16.41
    Pretax Margin 16.92
    Net Margin 12.75
    Return on Assets 21.15
    Return on Equity 21.88
    Return on Total Capital 21.88
    Return on Invested Capital 21.88

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    • apart from potential Puda links, which would scare me a lot, I believe the most scaring issue is infact related to fundamentals, since LPH ones are way too much generous compared to any other comp in the market place.

      I am astonished by LPH net margins, when all refiners in China are booking losses when selling directly to end users ..... there should be no room for third party distributors in such a loss making environment .... as opposed, LPH has incredible results ....

      How can they be realistic ? hard to believe, at least for me ..... at minimum, we should investigate the long term sustainability of these fantastic results ..... the theory that they checked SAIC/SEC filings is not enough for me ..... I don't think the auditors went out checking directly how much gasoline was storaged at the end of that given quarter .... .... .....

      guys, be careful ..... results appear too nice to be true .... and the huge pressure on trying to convince warrant holders to invest and convert into shares, is an additional red flag to me ..... as it is the (apparent) huge discount to the theoretical enterprise value (majority of investors do not believe on their numbers) .... as it is, finally, the CFO discousure during conf call on insiders/management considering the take private option ..... if they were infact, they wouldn't disclose it before announcement .... it would cost tnem much more .... it was indeed disclosed for a reason .... pump up share price.

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      • Your message and concerns are completely irrelevant and mostly illiterate. You have done no due diligence on LPH other than from sitting behind your computer screen, and are in no position to offer any kind of "advice" or caution to anyone. By virtue of the fact that you have an internet connection allows you access to these boards, but that doesn't mean you have any idea of what you are talking about. Your posts are the illiterate ramblings of a complete neophyte - so why are you here? Take your shoe size IQ and go post your drivel elsewhere. And that goes for your buddy unebrow too. Unbelievable garbage. You are officially on ignore, and anyone else with half a brain would put you there also.

    • that would be like saying a 7eleven gas station and exon are in the same business
      ones a national company in many fields and one in one part of the business

    • This dude (unemon1) has about two dozen aliases, is about the most annoying person on Yahoo, and never knows what he is talking about. Good luck, LPH messageboarders - you just got Homestused' Might as well put him on ignore now.

    • It is same all over the world. SOE means non-effective managment. Living in former cummunist country I know what I am talking about. :-) Too many employees, low effectivity, high costs etc.

      Sentiment: Hold

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