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  • valuationstation valuationstation Dec 17, 2012 10:55 AM Flag

    Grasping at straws tag team duo

    They are grasping at straws. Now they are posting google search results of any website in the entire country with the name "Longwei" embedded. This name is far from unique and is actually rather common in business. Many American businesses are the same, for example, how many businesses include the word, "General"? A search of Alibaba yields 18 names ranging from the Netherlands, to Hong Kong, to mainland China, including unrelated businesses involving chemcals, pipes, real estate, gifts, crafts, clothing, toys, you name it.

    This latest effort by the tag team shows just how desparate they are to cover their shorts current at loss of around $0.50 per share.

    Here is an example of how ludicrous and second-grade their so-called "research" is: dotc om /gongsi/-C1FACDFEBCAFCDC5do thtml

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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