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  • marek602 marek602 Dec 28, 2012 5:21 PM Flag

    Clarification of density and capacity LPH storage - in a simple way for everybody

    To cut the story short and present it simply.

    1. Taiyuan and Guijao have storage capacity 120.000 metric tons in total

    2. Since various products have various density (and weight therefore) you have to always consider product density to evaluate how much product you can input into each cubic meter of tank

    3. Here are the official density data (based on official data from my national rafinery) on diesel and gasoline

    Weights of 1 liter of gasoline, diesel and water (as comparison):

    gasoline: 0,73 - 0,77 kg/l x 1000 = you can fill 1333 litres of gasoline in each mt of tank
    diesel: 0,83 - 0,855 kg/l x 1000 = you can fill 1176 litres of diesel in each mt of tank
    water: 1kg/l x 1000 = you can fill 1000 litres of water in each mt of tank

    4. As Guijao and Taiyuan have 120.000 metric tons = the maximum capacity is respectively for:

    a) gasoline = 120.000 mt x 1333 = 159 960 tons of gasoline
    b) diesel = 120.000 mt x 1176 = 141 120 tons of diesel
    c) water = 120.000 tons x 1000 = 120 000 tons of water

    If you want to use US metrics just divide the final numbers with gallon/liter recalculation factor 3.7854

    5. In other words I fully confirm that Guijao and Taiyuan tanks of 120.000 mt can STORE maximum 37 million gallons diesel OR 43 million gallons gasoline !!!

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    • You are so ignorant that you wouldnt deserve a feed back ..... but I am generous .....

      You wrote (example):

      You can fill 1333 liters of gasoline for 1 MT of tanks - WRONG

      You should have written:

      You do need 1333 liters of tank space to fill 1 MT of gasoline

      Understand the difference ???? Unemon is correct. Full stop.

      Whoever else think you are correct, should take some private lessons.

      LPH management is lucky most of its investors are so IGNORANT.

    • That doesn't answer the question. The question is this:

      - The website, disclosure documents, etc. state that the Taiyuan and Gujiao facilities have a storage capacity of 120,000 MT.

      - Photos of the facilities from the website, confirmed by Google Satellite, show tank structures that do not appear to be able to store 120,000 MT of liquid. They appear to be able to store between 20% and 50% of that volume, if you look at the dimensions of the tanks and apply the formula for the volume of a cylinder.

      How can this be explained? You didn't explain this.

    • Just 1 word: WRONG!

      Hae you ever considered going back to school?

      take point 4 ... for example:

      you wrote: a) gasoline = 120.000 mt x 1333 = 159 960 tons of gasoline

      That's WRONG!!! .... 1 ton is 1 ton!! ..... ... metric Ton has nothing to do with Meters! ahah ... or anything else!!

      1 Metric Ton of Shiiiit = 1000k of #$%$ = 1 ton of #$%$!

      How bad are you ?? ...?? ah ah ah ... METRIC Ton is not a unit of volume!

      Metric Ton is ... simply said ... .... a weight unit of measure!

      1 Metric Ton of gasolint ... equals to a volume of 1333 liters ... or ... 1.3333 m3!!

      so ... TO STORE 1000KG of Gasoline ... you need 1.333 m3 of space!!

      ha ha ha ..... go back to school ... and do not waste our time here!

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