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  • techgeekguy techgeekguy Jan 2, 2013 4:56 PM Flag

    Math conversions - minutes per tank truck averaged over day

    U & U need to be more careful here. Another simple math conversion lesson for you guys:
    Assignment - calculate the minutes between tank trucks if tank trucks are filled over each 8 hour period and account for 90 days of sales volume in metric tons.
    Answer key (no peeking!):

    From page 4 of 10Q for period ending 9/30/2012:

    Product sales volume for Taiyuan over 90 day period - 62,637 metric tons (gasoline plus oil)

    Assume for this simple exercise that HALF of product volume is GASOLINE SOLD IN TANKER TRUCKS, the OTHER HALF IS DIESEL FUEL DELIVERED BY RAIL TO COAL MINES/POWER PLANTS, ETC. This is an lower bound because about half of product sales are diesel and about half of sales are to industrial customers as opposed to gas stations. So there could be MORE than 50% of volume of product sold via tanker trucks, but this is a conservative starting point for an estimate.

    (62,637 metric tons product sold per quarter) x (0.50 fraction gasoline) = 31,318.5 metric tons gasoline sold in Taiyuan per quarter.

    (31,318.5 metric tons sold per quarter) / (90 days per quarter) = 348 metric tons gas sold per day

    (348 metric tons per day) x (1000 kg / metric ton) = 347,983 kg gas sold per day

    (347,983 kg / day) x (2.2 lbs / kg) / (6.073 lbs gasoline / gallon) = 126,060 gallons gas sold per day

    Assume the average gasoline tanker truck holds about 9,000 gallons (range of 8,000 to 10,000 gal).

    (126,060 gallons gas / day) / (9,000 gallons per truck ) = 14.0 gasoline tanker trucks Taiyuan per day

    Assume tanker truck fill-ups are evenly spaced across an 8 hour day

    (8 hours / day) x (60 minutes / hr) / (14.0 gasoline tanker trucks per day) = 34.27 minutes per tanker truck

    Next lesson - calculations involving rail cars. HINT: One rail car holds about 33,000 gallons.

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    • ribotbarroso Jan 2, 2013 6:56 PM Flag

      Umbisam I am really tired of you but just for pleasure:

      Large trucks typically have capacities ranging from 5,500 to 11,600 US gallons (21,000 to 44,000 L; 4,600 to 9,700 imp gal). You can check this information anywhere you like.

      The trucks you see in LPH videos are large trucks. Now can you make your maquiavelic numbers again?? Please iluminate us!!

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      • 1 Reply to ribotbarroso
      • ribot, I am tired of you as well ..... but for the same pleasure :

        your numbers are related to tank trailers, not trucks .... our pictures, as all LPH corporate website pictures, refer to "small", ordinary, tank trucks, which can range from 1500 gallons up to 3000 max .... a 2000 gallons tank truck is 1.5 mt in net internal diameter and 4.3 mt in length .....
        LPH ones are smaller, at least those we found in the parking lot. I assumed them to be 2000 gallons to be on the conservative side.

        If you like, assume in your calculations a 3000 gallons truck ..... it does not change the conclusion ..... as it would not in case of a 15000 gallons tank trailer truck ...... real issue being they would still need 50 trailer trucks per facility to get close to the stated sold volumes, deliveries etc etc ..... Infact, in the equation, you still need to add up a lot of time for loading and unloading liquids, which I havent taken into account in the 2.5 mins per truck movement, in an' out ......

        Above ground capacity is at best 1/10 of the stated one ...... infact much more realistic if seen related to such a small fleet ...... we believe below ground capacity to be barely nil.


        Z E R O !!

        PS. by the way ..... truck fleet seem sleeping in the parking lot since a long while ...... I tend to think real oil turnover to be 1/100 of what stated ..... at least since we investigated it.

        PPS by the way ...... Aint it quite amazing that LPH discloses a sub ground storage capacity, after seventeen years of silence to that regard ? WEIRD.

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    • completely wrong !!

      first ..... railway does NOT work ..... there s a forest on it ..... see pictures posted elsewhere by U ......

      second ...... LPH (old and few) tank trucks have 2000 gallons at most ......

      third ...... consider refilling time

      fourth ..... consider that trucks need to reach a customer, unload and then return ......



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