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  • stevie_b_honolulu_trader stevie_b_honolulu_trader Jan 3, 2013 5:46 PM Flag

    RC stable is getting smaller


    cut the frauds or lose the rest of the stable.

    Dave cut LPH to keep his other horses.

    Its called ....Business!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Red Hat is trying to have a public offering - they do not want any negative issues being brought up

    • having red chip terminate the contract is like the ultimate insult. Still, I do feel sorry for anyone holding LPH. With. the china stocks, the average retail guy is just at such a disadvantage it really has made the whole sector uninvestible. hope the PCAOB reaches an agreement with china and the dozen other countries in the world where no inspection agreement is in place. Either that or close our market to those countries where a mutually agreed upon auditor inspection process is not in place

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      • There's no more fraud in the China sector than there is in U.S. bank sector, oil, metals or any other major sector. (The balance sheets of JPM, BAC and GS are pure fiction).

        What's in play is a well orchestrated attack between pseudo research companies, publishers and short sellers to drive susceptible Chinese companies into the ground.

        Most of their claims of fraud are never substantiated. The few that are are exaggerated.

        The sector is uninvestible because it's been targeted for attack by forces who see easy profits and fear no legal consequences if exposed as being unscrupulous manipulators.

        Just like a lion hunting prey, they target the weak.

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