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  • techgeekguy techgeekguy Jan 4, 2013 8:16 AM Flag

    When and IF it does start trading, sell on open at 9:30am

    When and IF it does start trading, sell on open ASAP. I made the mistake thinking that premarket trading on CCME had short covering from $3 up to $4 range would just keep pushing up the price throughout the morning. Instead, as soon as market opened, CCME peaked at $4.62 and fell steadily to $2 that first day of trading. And that behavior was with a stock that was on the naked short list. LPH does not have nearly so many shorts, so my advice is take what you can get and chalk it up to experience...GLTA.

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    • UNLESS new information is released to disprove allegations, this will probably be halted until SEC delists. It's happened with CBEH with the video surveillance by A. Little, and it happened with CCME, Forbes China stock of the year and audited b big 4 Deloitte.

      If this re-opens as a pink sheet stock, sell immediately on open. With CCME a lot of people were fooled twice thinking short covering would continue all day, but peak price occurred right at 9:30am. Check this out yourself before relying on hopium as your strategy when the day finally comes about 3 or 4 months from now. The SEC investigation will take a little while given all of the various findings.

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