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  • unemon1 unemon1 Jan 5, 2013 9:52 PM Flag

    Dividend? Possible but not probable!

    Mr. Cai is a wealthy man in Tayiuan and he could for sure decleare a 0.10 Dividend for each LPH share (it would cost him about 3-4m USD).

    This would however not be the answer to LPH problems, since the company needs to address all the red flags raised by GEO (and some other redflags GEO didn't mention):

    - According to the Company's CFO, 50-60 trucks a day came to the LPH Taiyuan facility to get to "buy" lph products. GEO claims it counted only 5 truck at all 3 LPH facilities over a period of 59 days. To claim that I guess that GEO has 24/7 videos for the entire Period. I wonder how the company can refute evidence like this.

    -- I imagine that the company could replay by saying that during that period of time (due to extraordinary circumstances) all the fuel sales happened by train (i.e. that fuel was transported from LPH facilities to the end-clients by train). While I am not sure if GEO's cameras at the TY facility were able to catch also the traffic by rail, we can see from the pictures that Camera 2 at the Gujaio facility was able to have a clean view on the dedicated railspur (private). So, I am pretty sure that GEO has also been able to count the trains that reached the Gujaio Facility.

    I suggest geo to comment on this poin, and if they really didn't see any train ... I really don't see how the company can reaffirm the revenue for the Gujaio Facility disclosed in recent PR releasess.

    - Red Flags Geo raised with respect to the Gujiao Acquisition

    Other red-flags not raised by GEO:

    - Hujaio land use rights were too probably too expensive
    - Storage Capacity. Verification from an independent third party required.(ty and Gujiao Facility)
    - The company and its officers releasing misleading information about the Gujaio facility name and location (prior 2012)
    - Red Flags during the Gujaio Acquition

    A dividen is not a sulution ... and would not have any impact on AMEX probable delisting decision

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