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  • joeysmiliegrant joeysmiliegrant Jan 10, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    just watched the abc video

    this really #$%$ me off. i think we the investors need to all get together an sue nyse,sec,amex, and nasdaq for inviting these mother fockers to scam us. that sob on the nasdaq was all tongue tied when asked questions an all he has to say is this interview is over im escorting you out. i say put them on the stand an make them answer these questions.oh but of course they will plead the 5th cause there in america. freaking unbelievable

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    • This is for whoever is labeling Geo a criminal, etc:

      Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, they are right once again? Have you forgotten CCME, YUII, NEP, UTA, PUDA, etc, etc? Hell, CCME (and I'm sure some others) were auditeted by the top 4 auditors. The USA based analysts "verified" their businesses too.

      How can you be so blind?

      And why is it so "criminal" to go short and the publish fasts to support your position?
      It's equal to go long and the publish facts to support your position.

      The only difference is in the volatility because it's human nature to panic when you see bad facts (be it a lie from some short or the real deal) presented to you. Yes, short thesis is almost always based on the past and longs thesis is almost always based on the future. Try taking pictures/videos of the future.... you can't.

    • tdcburns Jan 10, 2013 1:04 PM Flag

      LPH rang opening bell on NYSE so if its a fraud they new they were going to scam US investors and the NYSE and ones in charge to protect US investors helped to enable their scam.

    • I was surprised to find that 70 companies had been delisted. I thought it was only 50.

      Anyone wanting to watch the video can do a search for "china won't help stop investment scams"

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