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  • lphreal lphreal Feb 6, 2013 10:24 PM Flag

    Suggestions for Management to Help Create Massive Short Squeeze

    These suggestions consist of three elements: (1) setting fixed floor price, (2) restoring shareholders' confidence, and (3) reducing volatility. 

    (1) Setting Fixed Floor Price--applying a buy-back funding of several millions at least to purchase shares at a fixed floor price when trading re-opens.  As the current book value is ~$3.80,  the floor price may be reasonably set between $3~$3.5.  At any rate, this investment will receive a decent return in the near future since the purchasing price is 10~20% below the current book.   Most importantly, the beauty of setting a fixed floor price is to KILL almost all shorts in the first hour of trading.   

    (2) Restoring Shareholders' Confidence--distributing a one-time sizable dividend to not only restore confidence but also reward loyalty.  The ex-dividend date should be no more than a few weeks away from the day of press release. 

    (3) Reducing Volatility--distributing a regular sizable dividends quarterly.  It will help narrow down the price range.  Moreover, an annual dividend of $0.16~$0.20 will probably keep the price near the book value soon.

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    • All people reading this Board must have witnessed how evil of the GEO criminals and robbers since January. These crooks, mainly the foot soldiers, are still attempting to scare individual investors to surrender shares at the depressed price even though the two Hit Pieces have been proven to be fraudulent. For retaliations, individual investors should welcome LPH management to adopt the most severe measures to completely eliminate GEO’s clients and friends who have shorted the stocks.

    • What ever they can do to make the share going up avoiding lawsuit is the best. We really don’t want lawyers to have a quarter of the ugly cake.
      Even though if they have been idling for a year, they just need to tell the truth at this time. The three facilities and oil sale license will make profit easily again when they re-build the relationship to the investors. The worst case, to sale all facilities might good to cover the $2/share and they can legally taking their 66M shares out of the table as well.

    • You are doing disservice to everyone by promoting false hope.

      People need closure not fallacy.

      Have some moral decency!

    • Since the company has now been silent for over a month, I don't think they have anything positive to say. The longer the silence, the worse the situation becomes.

    • LPH management must agree GEO crooks deserve the most severe penalty. Ha!!!

    • By the way, most individual investors probably don't mind to increase the Buy-Back funding by reducing the 'Ex-Dividend' slightly. The ultimate goal is to WIPEOUT all these ball-less-animal-like-garbage by one shot.

    • 1. Where would they get the money? They are fraud, remember? Whatever money they have left will be spent on legal fees.
      2. See above.
      3. See above.

      And before you even get to 1, 2, 3.... They have to allow forensic audit (which they refused) and prove to SEC that Geo and Chinese media and Chinese residents near LPH are liars. Unfortunately, this is an impossible task since LPH is a scam. If they weren't we'd already be trading or at least we'd get some update. It's not hard to disprove a lie if you really do have a real business.

      • 1 Reply to tr1ihub
      • Tr1:
        I have not seen anything stating that a forensic audit is being refused the board just has not approved of an independent audit at this time there is a difference. And as proving anything to SEC, well the SEC has not officially requested anything yet. The GEO allegations and the Chinese media are both subject to same audit and we have yet to see any independent ant creditable party either dening or confirming their allegations. So it is still he said she said scenario and until we here from the SEC or the company it is still a wait and see environment.

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