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  • lphreal lphreal Feb 11, 2013 8:17 PM Flag

    Breaking News! Piatt believes in CCTV's number now!!!

    He must have forgotten what he said before. A few days back, he just admitted GEO's Reports are fake and told us 'they are no longer an issue'. He lied again.

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    • i clarify for you. i believe cctv confirmed lph was a fraud. the only real number they reported was that lph reported $426,000 to the chinese tax authorities. the fact that cai and toups could run a total con on shareholders, probably means they are not above reprorting a fraudelent low number to tax authorities too. i mean if cai is bernie maddoffs chinese cousin, then he probably is a tax evader too. i would not believe anything lph reported to anyone.

      still, for shareholders, all that we have are paper shares in a fraud.

      the only issue for most shareholders is the value of their shares.

      and i do not think geo totally issued fake reports, maybe they exaggerated a little, they said lph was a 100% fraud, maybe the truth is lph is only a 90% fraud.

      still, they uncovered a fraud.

      i do not like geo, but you have to admit, they outed lph.

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