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  • lphreal lphreal Feb 22, 2013 8:38 AM Flag

    GEOInvesting: The Most Brazen US-Based Investment Firm Ever

    Even though the video taping of LPH trucks specified in the First Hit
    Piece was proven as a horrible scam in mid-January, GEO criminals
    purposely misled individual investors by manufacturing the
    Second Hit Piece two weeks later.  Again, the accusation of the
    annual revenue of 0.42 million was proven to be a total joke.  GEO criminals’  fabrications of two Hit Pieces are just like robbers intending to take away victims’ valuable belongs twice within a month.  

    Do any other US investment firms encourage or assist the 'Hit and Run' play?   Do any other US investment firms employ the robbery-like plots to profit from innocent individual investors?  GEOInvesting is definitely qualified as the 'Most Brazen US-Based Investment Firm Ever'.   

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    • Do any other US investment firms threaten to sue a poster telling the truth of 'Hit and Run' plot? Which party commits the terrible crime? GEOInvesting or LPHreal.

    • ribotbarroso Feb 25, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

      Very nice my friend; nevertheless, I don´t see Longwei defend itself. You say Geo is a shame then prove it. As far as I am concerned you are wasting your time and everyone elses with comments with no real arguments. I was long on longwei, and very stupid as well for trusting them. I only see a bunch of "professionals" hiding, CEO, CFO, Auditors, etc... until they prove the contrary to me they are cowards. Sentiment: SUE THEM

    • Now, it doesn't matter if GEO scam or not, LPH no communicate is terrible.
      SEC has not done its job from the beginning, don’t know if they are going to “fix” that. Cai might be hard to be touch, but how about other US citizens (CFO and auditors)?
      About GEO, I only can tell they are immoral, but not illegal.
      Shareholders are the victim of SEC, LPH, GEO, and could lawyers!

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      • shareholders are the victim of lph fraud and they can not prove their financials. it is why all fraudsters try to act innocent but when confronted with their books being looked at for accuracy suddenly they are not able to be vigorously defending no more. geo is immoral but in this case they exposed a fraud so not criminal except if they called all their accomplices to inside trade it. but geo will not be criminal for the report itself unless lph proves their financials were 100% accurate. which will not happen. cai would be hard to touch criminally for u.s. shareholders but china might wonder about his tax filings now. toups has got a big problem. he is a u.s. citizen that defrauded u.s. citizens and people are waiting to find him and file lawsuits. if he stays in the u.s. he will face criminal charges and hopefully rot in jail. although many white collar criminals only get about 5 years. but he can not come back here and think he is going to enjoy all his stolen money.

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