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  • lphreal lphreal Mar 3, 2013 11:37 PM Flag

    'Hit and Run' con-artists --Unemon1, Umbisam, and Stevie

    Watching Unemon1, Umbisam, and Stevie's recent Board activities are very entertaining.  Unemon1 appeared only once about 10 days ago since mid January.  Similarly, Stevie showed up only once several days ago since late January.  In contras, Umbisam was rather active.  Weirdly, all of them stayed on Board very briefly on each recent appearance--displaying another form of 'hit and run'.   Do you remember these criminals are the masterminds who manufactured the 'Hit and Run' plot on January 3rd as well? Why should these runaway con-artists 'hit and run' on Yahoo Message Board if LPH is a big fraud as they claimed?

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    • The 'Hit and Run' plays conducted by Unemon1, Umbisam, and Stevie on this Board provide another evidence of LPH's legitimacy. These criminals/robbers are fearful of revealing their whereabouts so they most likely post a message on a public computer and run away immediately. Unemon1, Umbisam, and Stevie are the ball-less cowards.

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