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  • yahoo yahoo May 9, 2005 11:51 PM Flag

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    • Boy, it's a tough call. From watching today's
      trading, your $3 1/4 looks pretty good. The only problem
      is that frequently the supporting bids disappear
      overnight. If the sellers stay (a fairly safe bet) and the
      buyers get greedy overnight, we might see IDBE quickly
      drop to $3. At that point, if there is any fairness in
      the market at all, IDBE should bounce. However, the
      market is not overly fair at the moment eh?

      IDBE crashes and bounces, I'll probably throw out a
      bid, but I'm a little worried that any rally could get
      cut off at the knees by frustrated shareholders
      selling into any strength. Such selling would get pounced
      on by the market makers IMHO.

      Right now my
      main play is AVXT. Even though the volume can be
      deadly low, they will have their cancer vaccine for sale
      in Australia by the end of June, so a big pop could
      happen. That stock moves on very few shares, and with
      very few sellers at the current price level, any
      volume spike could send it running hard. The float is
      tiny!!! It also had a really nice double bottom last
      Friday, and I scooped up some dirt cheap shares which are
      already way above water.

      SCLN and BIOM are both
      suffering the same fate right now. They'll need news or a
      little time to recover, so it's hard to make much cash
      off them for the moment, unless you scalp

      Good luck. If the price and situation are right, I may
      join you back with IDBE, but for the moment I remain

      Who dares, wins!