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  • momofwonder momofwonder Mar 1, 2011 8:53 PM Flag

    Now it's time to short - Bought SCO

    In 2007, Saudis said........ why would you buy anything but silver and gold. And I have none of either by the way. They also said, the only oil company left might be Petrobras.

    I think the oil companies are coming to an end. I have no idea if there is oil left or if that is some sort of spoof.

    I "beleive" the Saudis though as this was a speech from a while back.

    Be careful. Be very careful. Obama wants this green thing, and electric vehicles.

    Although I also remember the original guy they fired from GM saying he wishes they never stared on the Volt. Why would that be? Free energy? thats conspiracy, right

    I am not sure whats going on here. But they all know.

    Also the saudis said they would not buy anything that was not FDIC insured. I thought FDIC was broke. This was 2007 though. But alot of truth was spoken then as opposed to now.

    • anything can happen, I sold my oil longs at $100. Not getting short or long here.
      Oil will drop 10% on news that Gardarfi is dead.
      However, we coudl be weeks away, during which time oil will likely rise. Why try to guess that moment and get short oil now?? huge risk. I am going to reactively short UCO once middle east has settled. Right now, middle east situation is getting worse.
      Dont try to be too clever, you will most likely lose.

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