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  • sticken2u sticken2u Jan 19, 2008 2:20 PM Flag

    Travelers is the Titanic

    Yes this company is the Titanic,moves slow,to many people,built for failure.Poor organization model with no real direction.Why all these layers of managers,V.P's with no one taking a leadership role.Many people who say "I just work here" very much like the Post Office.Writing very cheap business and rewarding agents for bringing in accounts with no margin.Go figure, we need cash and doing all the short term things to make the future a bad event to worry about.
    Jay will you tell us what is our exposure for Sub Prime? We insure banks & lenders,who pays when they are sued by their stockholders,us that's right.So what is the loss to TRV will the company come forward and inform the stockholders? Jay why no talk about these losses?
    TRV stock did very poorly in 2007 with no major CAT losses and will report good results.If the stock can not go up with this how will the stock do when results are down in 2008 due to the soft market and the chance of major storms and CAT's ? TRV will not out perform the S&P 500 , so why own it and lose?
    Time to make big changes in the organization now or we will see TRV sink lower and lower. Jay we need to hear from you and you need to be honest and a leader.Cut expenses,get out of insurance lines that are to difficult to run,that do not fit our model. Some lines will not see higher rates for five years, why do something with no chance of a profit and taking bigger risk each day? This stock is headed to 40 and lower. Stockholders,time for a change?

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