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  • shembad shembad Jun 9, 2009 2:21 PM Flag

    Very Important Post

    I just want to bring to everyone's attention that Freddie posted this morning

    He came up with a bunch of absolutely brilliant ideas that if Jay implements them will save investors millions in addition to his brilliant idea of slashing 4,000 pieces of Dead Wood and other cost cutting measures that TRV despartely needs

    Thanks Freddie, enjoy the beach, and we look forward to anything else you can add in order to get that stock price up to 50

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    • First off, you want to sack anyone with ANY experience in insurance operations and replace them with unpaid liberal arts and communications majors under an internship program. Inertia will keep the business running long enough for the new kids to gain a little experience and expect some benefits at which point they should be terminated, too. Repeat as necessary until stock price achieves desired level. Voila! What's Freddy got that I ain't got (aside from three different i.d.'s)?

    • Having been in the reinsurance business and insurance business for over 40 years, I find these posts very informative and amusing. The suggestions, while they appear to be radical in some ways, are actually very insightful and embody some basic sound management principles. Cost cutting in the current environment is just what the Dr. ordered. How they do it is the question. Only engaged management really knows what's best. Embedded employees know it also, but they are in denial.

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